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Kingsburg Joint Union High School District Reviews

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Kingsburg High School was a great school where I have met a lot of my friends that I still have today.
Kingsburg High is one of the well known high school in the valley. the academics here are very high and great. there are many opportunities for students and teachers.
KIngsburg is a small town, so we have a very small school compared to others around us. Since we are so tiny, we are a very tight-knit community. Everyone knows each other and most are friendly. We place a huge emphasis on football. I would like that to change. I would like our school to really amp up support in all sports. I would also like to see our school care more about the performing arts. All in all, Kingsburg High is a very good school. Most teachers care about their students and their futures. We also have a staff memeber who helps us with college applications and looks for events for students to join over the summer. I will forever keep Kingsburg High School in my heart. It is my home.
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I really enjoyed the open campus and having the ability to go off campus for lunch. The teachers are also very dedicated and care about their students very much.
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The schools academic would be perfectly fine if they had teachers that knew how to teach using the new Common Core methods. A majority of the staff is older and the school could desperately use new teachers that are there to teach and engage with students instead of talking for 5 minutes and going and sitting at their desks on their phones while students need help. They need more teachers that aren't just there for a paycheck. Granted most of the teaching staff likely have a 10 year plan it makes it difficult to get rid of teachers that can't remember what they're doing. It is a very biased school as well, if you aren't the teachers pet or don't have loads of money you aren't relevant. If you become a teachers pet you never do any work but still pass the class with an A. The school is also very biased when it comes to sports, if you don't know the right people you wont play no matter how good your child is.
The school is safe, the students are learning and the teachers are passionate about teaching. I would like to see them add a cafeteria for our students.
Grateful to have gone to a high school like Kingsburg. It's academic system could use some work, as well as realistic expectations for college. As my first year of college wraps up, I've come to realize stuff on my own. Lot less scary than the teachers made it out to be. Though, that might to do with the fact that I attend a private university. Which should also be discussed more considering this was a last minutes decision but it was the best one I ever made.
Honestly Kingsburg High has my heart! Going here you totally feel like a family! The tight knit community is always there for you when you need someone. The staff is always checking up on you if you need help but not overbearing. The one thing I would change is getting more people to come to sporting events! School spirit at football is legendary though!!
My experience at Kingsburg High School was really nice. The Teachers their are truly dedicated to their students success, they go above and beyond to help their students get good grades and understand the material.
Not a bad school but there could be improvements. It is infested with cockroaches and spiders. Also the bathroom could seriously be remodeled. There are always toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and toilet sheets out of stock. Also the air conditioner works great but you can not control the temperature. It either too hot or too cold.
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