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The teachers at the High School were great and there were lots of clubs and activities offered at the school.
I have had a great experience at Kings Park School District - Had great teachers and my guidance counselor was very helpful - Had great clubs to chose from.
The actual quality of education is fairly good. Lots of AP courses and classes offered through colleges. In addition their special needs program and academic accommodations are very good. The teachers are nice, friendly, smart and very good at teaching for the most part. Class sizes are typically fairly small so there is a lot of opportunity for your teachers to truly engage with you and get to know you and your needs. There's also a good variety of clubs to join. In my opinion they spend way too much money on the sports teams given how terrible most of them are but hey it's a school in white suburbia what can ya do? Speaking of, that's another negative point, the diversity of the school district is basically non-existent. 95% of students and like the entirety of the staff is white and most of them some form of Christian.
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A variety of AP and Honors courses. Semi-flexible course scheduling and different educational opportunities. Attempt to connect to students but there is a bit of a disconnect. Inflexible and not very innovative.
Kings Park High School has given me a wonderful education. And memories and experiences I will take with for the rest of my life.
Kings Park is a close knit community that operates like an extended family. Small enough to know your neighbors well but big enough to fulfill all your needs. It's a very special high school. The students are great, the teachers care for each of their students and the administration is wonderful. I'm not just a student, but a student with a supportive extended family. When I stumbled, the teachers did all they could to get me back on track. When I needed extra help, every one of my teachers was available. As I began my college search, the Guidance Office gave me the education to pick wisely. I couldn't have done this without my KP High School family. If I was able to change anything it would be some type of requirement for students like myself considering an alternative high school be questioned by the Administration to challenge or explore why a particular student wants to go elsewhere. I will be forever thankful for my time at KP High School.
I love how there is always someone there to help you with whatever you need. Teachers, aids, security, everyone is there to lend a hand. Our school is also a very safe place conducting safety drills and security around you 24/7. We’ve recently conducted the use of identification to get into the building which protects us even more. I feel that my school could improve on adding more elective classes so people with different career options can get a chance to experience that class.
I’ve had a great experience at Kings Park High School! I’ve excelled academically with the help of great teachers (shout-out Mr. Goldman!) and small class sizes. Just like any other high school, there’s cliques, but you could go up to anyone and make friends, most of the people I’ve met happen to be very friendly, I attribute a lot of this to the values we were taught growing up in the Kings Park Central School District. I’ve grown a lot, physically and mentally in my time in Kings Park, and through my ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing. No childhood school based trauma here!
I went through the Kings Park schools back in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s. It was an excellent experience, good teachers who cared. Then in the ‘70-‘80’s my son went to the same district. He also received an above average education, with a wonderful administration, teachers and curriculum. Proud to say both my son and I graduated college and were successful. Thanks in a large to the foundation we received from KP schools.
The school district overall is very good. I never had a bad teacher and made plenty of friends while involved in various clubs.
It's a small school. Good teachers I had a great time and helped prepare me for the struggles of college life.
good school good athletics the teachers are very helpful and care for you alot and very supportive of everything very clean and greatest safety you can imagine food is very good
Kings Park Central School District opens doors of opportunity for its students through wonderful staff and a multitude of academic and social experiences. The school provides assistance to those in need of it, and allows for academic acceleration, beginning in the Middle School, for those striving for a challenge. These programs allow for students to be placed at an appropriate level for their academics and fosters strong relationships with teachers, who are always there to help.
Kings Park has a wonderful school district. It is growing with the increased technological advancements of today's society by increasing its use and access to types of technology.
Kings Park was a great school. They got me ready for my college endeavors and made me the person I am today.
Kings Park High School is overall an average public high school. There is a decent variety of courses offered at the school. For most subjects there are teachers that excel at their respective courses, however I would enjoy seeing more teachers that care about what they teach. I had a pretty negative experience the beginning of my freshman year, the incident involved a large amount of students and the administration acted rashly without thinking leading to some unwanted and unnecessary consequences. However, looking back now as a senior at Kings Park High School, my experience was okay. It wasn't outstanding but it wasn't terrible.
Everybody in this district is white, don't go here is diversity is a priority for you. That being said, the teacher are good and care about the students. even thought the budget is low. We spend too much money on sports and not enough on the arts in my opinion.
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Kings Park Central School district has excellent education. Our AP programs were in preparing me for college. My teachers were always great, and always willing and readily available to assist me if I ever needed it. One thing I’d like to see change would be put quality of food. Other than that, I think I speak for all students when I say that our school is of high quality in terms of student development.
There are great teachers there, but there needs to be an upgrade on technology and the general up keeping of the school (leaky ceilings/ruined ceilings). Air conditioning and an updated heating system would be great upgrades as well as investing money in other parts of the school such as winning sports teams and better academic resources. However, superficial matters aside, many teachers are well qualified and many go above necessary to aid students.
The teachers are good, helpful and really care about students learning. Most are very nice and the teachers and administrators always try to provide all kinds of ways to offer support. Everyone tries hard and does their best to make it a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
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