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Kings Park Central School District Reviews

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Kings Park was a great school. They got me ready for my college endeavors and made me the person I am today.
Kings Park High School is overall an average public high school. There is a decent variety of courses offered at the school. For most subjects there are teachers that excel at their respective courses, however I would enjoy seeing more teachers that care about what they teach. I had a pretty negative experience the beginning of my freshman year, the incident involved a large amount of students and the administration acted rashly without thinking leading to some unwanted and unnecessary consequences. However, looking back now as a senior at Kings Park High School, my experience was okay. It wasn't outstanding but it wasn't terrible.
Everybody in this district is white, don't go here is diversity is a priority for you. That being said, the teacher are good and care about the students. even thought the budget is low. We spend too much money on sports and not enough on the arts in my opinion.
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Kings Park Central School district has excellent education. Our AP programs were in preparing me for college. My teachers were always great, and always willing and readily available to assist me if I ever needed it. One thing I’d like to see change would be put quality of food. Other than that, I think I speak for all students when I say that our school is of high quality in terms of student development.
There are great teachers there, but there needs to be an upgrade on technology and the general up keeping of the school (leaky ceilings/ruined ceilings). Air conditioning and an updated heating system would be great upgrades as well as investing money in other parts of the school such as winning sports teams and better academic resources. However, superficial matters aside, many teachers are well qualified and many go above necessary to aid students.
The teachers are good, helpful and really care about students learning. Most are very nice and the teachers and administrators always try to provide all kinds of ways to offer support. Everyone tries hard and does their best to make it a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
I liked the experience the most and making memories that will last a lifetime. I loved being able to challenge myself with rigorous AP and College classes. The wonderful teachers and administrators that helped guide me towards my future along side my parents.Kngs Park is a wonderful school with great values and community involvement. I will miss it very much as I venture out on my way towns a new college experience.
All in all, KPCSD is a pretty well-rounded school. The teachers are well informed in their fields and are generally happy with their jobs.But because of a fairly low budget, the roof in the high school has a constant leaking problem, the art department works with 10-year-old supplies that constantly get stolen, and the music department is always up in arms with the heads of the schools. During the summer before the 2017-2018 school year, the school started some renovations they said would be done before the school started. It is now January of 2018 and we do not have a library, have the computer rooms are gone, the auditorium has no soundproofing and the chairs that were finally put in place are positioned wrong. Despite all this, the high school has pretty good coursework with a surprising amount of AP classes that most students come out of with a 3-5 on the AP exams.
Kings Park's school district is highly thought of in the suffolk county area. We are small yet well known. Personally I have been in every school in our district, the elementary school, intermediate school, middle school, and now I am finishing high school. We have an amazing faculty working hard at each school everyday and I am very grateful to attend such a caring school district.
I like the small town feel at KPHS. We have many clubs and ways to get involved. I wish they would be more supportive of the orchestra program. The music boosters and administration are supportive of the Band, the orchestra is like the forgotten step-Child.
The KPCSD is a district that goes above and beyond to accommodate the community and provide an educational experience that makes a positive impact on students. The teachers always show their utmost passion in their work and constantly go the extra mile to ensure the success of their students. I cannot hesitate to say that my time in the KPCSD has made me confident and ready to pursue the rest of my education at the university level.
The school was good....could offer more challenging classes though. Some teachers need to retire! Some are awesome!
Excellent teaching staff as well as administration creating a safe learning environment. Over the course of my four years I was able to keep myself at a high academic level while also staying involved in many clubs and sports. The teachers support the students and help them look towards a brighter future. Overall a very positive experience at Kings Park High School.
It was a small school district where there is always familiar face to see. The facilities are pretty old, being that the school district itself is old. Slowly though, there are starting to be improvements.
overall it was a good experience but some of the regulations that are in place are unnecessary. The sports teams range from decent to very good.
Kings Park high school had a fun and safe learning environment. I enjoyed the faculty and think most of the teachers there were beyond excellent. I think something they could improve is the bathrooms.
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