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It’s been a good 4 years but we’ve had lots of issues with people being dramatic it then also actual issues that needed to be brought up. But overall I liked all the teachers and the administration as well. Our acedemics are really good and I think we are a generally smart school and have greats scores for Ohio. The school food NEEDS to change though it is the worst stuff ever. Some of it doesn’t look edible and is probably not very healthy either. I started Packing my lunch when I moved to the King’s Local School District in fifth grade and I have Packed my lunch everyday since then. Other than the food it’s a good school district with people who care about the kids.
I enjoy going to kings, many of the teachers are very helpful and know how to work with students to help them active a goal, the administration could be better as far as maintaining a better image for them selves.
Kings school district has large community support, very supportive of all students and staff. The communication between school and staff is very open, always informative. Supports all students and their diversities. Has large variety of sports, clubs and activities.
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Overall, this Kong’s Local Schools is a good District. Although they lack in diversity, they make up for that with giving their students as many options class and college wise as they can. They go out of their way to get you prepared for college and to get used to what college classes will be like in high school.
The teachers here at Kings High School teach me through experience and one on one activities. They engage me to learn from challenging tests, and push me to take harder classes.
Overall a very friendly community. Good education, however AP class success generally depends on the teacher. Lots of resources, helpful staff, welcoming environment. Overwhelming access to clubs.
I met a lot of new people at kings. I moved to the high school junior year and I can’t complain about the students or staff. Kings could be so much better though, if they taught acceptance of every race, sexuality and person. Also they can learn to spend their money better, they could’ve fixed the bathrooms or added classrooms but they decided to add a library (without books) and they proceed to not let students in there. Overall Kings is a great school district but the high school can fix some things.
The first years spent seem to start of fine, but as time goes on you'll start to notice that there's little to no real care that's put into your education nor is there any assistance that you could receive unless you are an athlete and/or no disability of any sort. If you are thinking about having your kids attend here be warned: It's may priority isn't about teaching your kids, it's just making sure they get out of there as quickly as possible.
Kings High School has some great teachers and academic clubs and programs, but the school population is not very diverse and the administration does not do much in terms of helping students getting bullied/punishing discriminatory students.
The KLSD is a very friendly and involved school district. Diversity is low, but that is due to deomographics. Teachers and administration want to see the students succeed above all else. After school clubs and activities are abundant, and a majority of Kings students go into some form of post secondary education.
When I went to Kings I felt that I received a very well-rounded education with many different electives to explore possible hobby and career paths. This is a great school district that really cares about its students and you can see that with every employee of the district from the principal down to the bus driver. I would definitely send my kids here in the future.
The staff at kings are hardworking, caring, and have a big impact on the students here. You can always find someone to trust and they take things seriously which is an excellent in an environment with so many students. The students at kings are very unique in a sense that everyone has been able to find a part of the high school community where they feel comfortable and understood. Granted Kings has had some really big issues they always take it in stride and learn from these mistakes .
Kings is great, the students are friendly and its an excellent public school. The staff are helpful, the councilors are fantastic at helping fix nuances in your schedule too.
Kings is the safest school in the area. They are the only school in the area that has invested the money into devices for each classroom in case of a shooting AND cameras throughout. They have been excellent in preparing my junior for college and excellent in accommodating my non-typical son with his special needs. Love the district!
Teachers really want you to succeed. They take the time to help you and find whichbstudy habits work best for you. Each teachers end goal is truly to help prepare you for college. But like any school could use some work.
Never been to another school, but I have been very satisfied with this district. It's a fun safe community of people who are mostly all very friendly.
The absolute worst district. We moved from Mariemont to Kings and the administration, parents and kids are the most corrupt people we have ever encountered. We can’t wait to leave here and my youngest daughter will never step foot in the schools. The bullying is out of control and no one even try’s to help. It is always swept under the rug as if nothing ever happened. Make sure you research before moving here if you have children.
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Great district with teachers who really care about their students. Graduated in 2014 would not have found the college I am attending without the help of my counselor.
I liked the Kings School District. I went there from kindergarten to senior year and never really had a problem with it. I wouldn't have wanted to go to a school other than kings.
The school district hires the best teachers they can. They really care about students and their success. The buildings are all super clean, and there is lots of school spirit.
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