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Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District Reviews

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This school was okay in my opinion. There is a culture that surrounds the athletics and is very one-sided to the football program even though they do not win more than 2 games in a season. They get new uniforms ever year and the soccer teams always have to deal with getting the cheapest uniforms ever 2-3 years. Also the athletics at this school should be put second behind the academics as there are many bright kids that attend the school, but they never really apply themselves because being intelligent is somewhat frowned-upon and seen as "not cool."
Kings Canyon Unified School district has wonderful teachers who in fact are diverse and exciting when they teach, but what really can improve is the enthusiasm and school culture that is being built up.
I like and appreciate how caring the administrators are at Reedley High School. I would like to see a change in the music played during school events. I find many of the songs offensive and inappropriate.
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My overall experience with Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District was great. As I came into college, I realized that they truly did prepare us for a college education. The one thing that I would change would be reducing the many ridiculous regulations that they enforce.
What I like about Kong’s Canyon Unified School District is that they offer many classes that you can take to be ready for college. They also have good staff and teachers that really care and help you with any problems you might have with homework or with other things.
Within KCUSD there have been many teachers who have helped shaped my educational and personal growth. Teachers not only work hard and do whatever it takes to ensure you are taught and have the skills to learn and figure things out on you own.
I believe Kings Canyon is a great district. They should however have more student activities as well as more sports. Administration and teacher are great at there jobs. Teachers have prepared me well for college.
I love the Kings canyon unified school district. I am a senior at Reedley High school and I love my school and all the help we get from, district board, teachers, staff, admin, everybody in the district contributes to make a great atmosphere for the schools in Kcusd.
I absolutely love KCUSD. They genuinely care for the students. The only thing I believe should be changed is the favoritism that Reedley High School gets over Orange Cove High School. The people working in the district office should be a tadbit more fair.
I appreciate that KCUSD respects families, their values, allows diversity and individuality; offers many extra curricular activities, honors tradition. I'm thankful that I was able to attend KCUSD and that my children were able to finish their education through KCUSD.
The district is one of the most dependable and has reliable teachers and has a great system on college readiness.Such as the AVID class, and the class of english.These prepare us students to be caught up to do math and english.
They also make every student feel like they belong by have clubs and activities that includes everybody. Overall being in the district kcusd, is a great place to be!
Good experience but teachers mostly get along with the jocks not as much with other students. Would be better if each individual class is described and clubs/ opportunities also described so students don't join and be clueless and later regret their decisions.
I have had a great experience at my school district! They are very supported and college ready, but most of all very loving and caring. Later in the future i would like to see my whole school district a little more strict so kids dont have too much fun, but other than that its great. I would never chose another school district but mine. The four years that i have had, i would never take back.
My whole education has been only through Kings Canyon Unified School District schools. Almost every teacher I have had through this district has been amazing. I feel very blessed to have had so many genuinely caring teachers throughout my life. I have only had maybe two or three teachers that I didn't find amazing. Every teacher i have had through this district has been very knowledgeable, ready to help, and kind.
I have met some of the best teachers a student can ask for. They have encouraged me to be the best I can possibly be. They have also shared their wisdom with me and have taught me how to thin for myself. Many of my teachers have become good friends of mine. I cherish my relationship with them as they have influenced me to be a better person. The staff has also helped me through hard times when I was struggling, and built me up to the point where I am not affraid to go out and do things. They greet me everyday with a smile and I am lucky to be surrounded by the KCUSD staff. The students there have also been wonderful. I have made friendships that I hope last a very long time. The only recomendation I would make is that the administration be more responsive to AP teachers.
Attending Orange Cove High School against choosing Reedley High School in this district was the best decision. I've got to stick with the friends I've had since preschool and elementary. As well as participate in beneficial clubs like FCCLA and College Club. My favorite part would be being a part of the band and colorguard. I've made the best memories through this program. The disadvantages here is the small amount of AP classes and electives. I love being able to take challenging courses, but the amount we have here does not fufill my desires. Another factor is the little amount of clubs. With so much diversity and creativity here in our district, the small amount of clubs does not fit well. We are not able to express ourselves as much as we'd like because we don't find a club or group to belong or shine in.
The school district is very OK and borderline good. They excel is some aspects but lack behind in others. In my experience I have seen teachers go above and beyond for their students while administration tried to limit the amount of freedom kids have with their haircuts.
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i like it a whole bunch. I really really do. I really like the teachers and the sports coaches. I also like the club advisers and leaders
My experience so far at the district has been good. I'm my experience I haven't had to really deal with any problem but one change I would love to see is better food that is served
I would like to see more pleasing food, better tast. And that's it but this thing needs me to at lest type 100 word but I don't have a anything else to say
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