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I was a performing and I helped raise funds for the school by acting. I also helped with fund raisers and other school activities such as promoting shows or other clubs such as my very own Drama Department
The teachers in the school district should know how to teach. It's just sad when I know more than them.
Although money has been cut to various reasons, it seems that there is some good with arising with new programs and joint education with the community college. A big push for college readiness has been in effect and taking us all by storm.
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It's a good school system, but sometimes the funding seems a little off, maybe going to things it shouldn't. Not only that but my sophomore year of high school it was decided that students had to take more benchmark tests than it seemed we needed, so it was excessive and students didn't try as hard. However my schooling is very sufficient overall and I'm glad for it.
The school board really needs a complete overhaul. They tell the schools and parents information that is often false and make decisions regarding the schools that are completely against the parents and teachers requests. Several of the schools have chronic issues that seem to never be settled whether due to lack of help from the administration or lack of funding to make it happen. They are trying hard to get improved education by using the "Cambridge" method of schooling and allowing high school students to enroll in dual credit classes with Mohave Community College which is great. Most of the teachers are dedicated and very hard working to do the best for the kids. There could be more parental involvement.
KUSD is good considering the small size of Kingman and its surroundings. However, the fact that it is a rural district is evident in its budgeting and the focus on certain aspects of the schools over academics.
I did not like the school because it does not prepare students for college, the courses that are being taught does not help students for success, it was based on whether a student can pass the state exam. It should be more focused on can the student exceed in college with these courses.
The academics are very bad and the teachers do not care about the students education and there well being. They are very rude and the staff are very unhelpful. The school food is absolutely horrible and there are not very many activities to do and the sports are a joke and you do not learn anything from that school for going there 4 days a week for about 6 hours a day.
I go to Lee Williams high school, and I love the school spirit that exuberates all through out the school. The students are united, and help each other, but I do believe the administration could be more involved. After being involved in Student Council for two years, and I have realized several cracks in the system. The overall Kingman Unified School District does not communicate very well with Lee Williams Administration or even the Lee Williams student council. There does seem to be many times when there is a lack of communication in which results in chaos, and I have seen complaints from people in both student council and the office administration. I love my school and would not trade my education and experience for the world, but there is always room for improvement.
The staff is very hard working and amiable, as well as concerned for the student's learning and well-being. However the administrators seem to undervalue the public opinion, specifically the district office.
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