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King William County Public Schools Reviews

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I like how the teachers take teaching serious. Most of the teachers love their jobs and love making learning fun. Without the wonderful teachers, the high school would not be the same. For the most part bullying is not tolerated either, so most of the kids are friends.
King William is a small school, but that's what's great about it. You have small class sizes so you have more one on one with your teachers. They offer a lot of extra curricular activities to suit almost anyone.
I've attended King William County Public Schools all throughout my education so far and it has been a very enjoyable experience. The courses challenge you to learn details of the subject and the teachers are always willing to help. Administration is excellent at communicating concerns and listening to concerns to and with the students. This school system provided an excellent place for me to grow as a student and person.
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I like how small the schools are. It makes it easier in the classroom. Teachers form a great connection with students, and are able to get through to them better than in a larger classroom setting.
I enjoy the country school setting, but wish the county had more resources livable for the schools. The teachers are awesome and classrooms are just the right size. The schools are older and in need of updates, however compared to other counties around, we are very fortunate.
King William County Public Schools takes pride in their students and sports. The teacher are well rounded with with information that they need to provide their students. I highly recommend this school.
The teachers and administration are amazing! They care about our kids! I am thankful my children are able to attend!
My experience at King William High was quite pleasant. The students are friendly and the teachers and staff are welcoming as well. Although the school food isn't as well as we'd expect it to be ; it's still edible. King William County Public Schools are one the most wonderful school districts to raise a child . They have great academics for a small county as well as the sports. If I could change one thing about the following schools i'd change the outlook and insight on the staff towards some of the fellow students . Not all of the students get treated equally because of the program "No Child Left Behind "therefore, those with more learning abilities get an advantage to jump ahead of other. Other than the things listed above I recommend King William County Public Schools to all generations.
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