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King City Union School District Reviews

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I like that King City shares some educational opportunities with Greenfield highschool. Although, the king city district gives more priority on the kingcity highschool.
Decent school not much problems. Sometimes teachers can be more biased on some students. Sometimes i feel like the teachers aren't doing too much to help students for example giving out extra credit or letting students turn in work late like no you're supposed to prepare them for college.
The school has a hard time connect with the students. Most information that the students obtain is through their own search. However this will prepare us for college. The school does try to provide high academics such as AP Capstone program however the students tend to shy away because of the stigma that AP classes have. The teachers are really passionate about what they are teaching which makes the classes more interesting.
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King City high gets 3 star because I think the teachers overall aren't great. Their is some teachers that I think are excellent. The office ladies, food, and safety are poor. I think they need to be more professional.
My school, as I would like to describe it, strides on mediocrity and average. It has good teachers that treat students as equals and will aid you regardless of discipline, others see you as nothing more than subordinates that are to do what is assigned without any preparation. What I would like to change involves a higher criteria in the hiring of school staff, so that we won't have any more teachers that discourage education.
The King City Union School District is dedicated to the success of their students. The teachers are really motivated and truly care for the future of their students. Through their many AP courses, clubs, sports, and extra curricular opportunities they enhance the academic and personal growth of their students.
My experience at king city high school could've been much better. Many rules restrict students from being expressive and creates an environment where no one cares and has no creativity. If it wernt for the handful of students going there that actually care about school, then I would've liked to transfer to a different school.
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