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The school district is a great one with wonderful leadership. The high school experience I received was a great one. The agriculture program was especially exceptional.
The many years I spent going to Kimberly were both very good and bad. I spent around half of my time injured from sports and the other half participating in clubs and school. The education I received in the Science, Math, and History fields were excellent. However, I had a hard time with the English and Spanish classes. The facilities are getting better but are still lacking in technology. The food was getting better but this last year it got worse, so I spent more time eating out and at home. The staff at Kimberly are amazing and parents were extremely involved in almost every event. I enjoyed most of my time at Kimberly but I would say that it is slightly above average when it comes to quality in resources but high when it comes to education.
It’s a good school and you get a good education there. There is great community involvement and it is a safe school with great students and teachers. It is a smaller school so you get the small town feel
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Kimberly is a good school but it has room to improve and many things that should be changed, overall it is a great community, with for the most part good people and talented people
I transferred to Kimberly last year from Wendell and have been very impressed. Some of the students are great and teachers are generally good. I learn a lot and actually enjoy going to school.
Kimberly High School has given me and my pears great opportunities to work hard and explore what we love. The staff and administrators work hard to make sure the students there feel important and like their education and experience is truly a priority. Not to mention how well supported our sports, programs, and clubs are. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my education.
It's a VERY welcoming school and this year a lot of the teachers changed and now most them seem to care about you as a person. Although there are strict rules the school is nicely organized and don't have ANY problems with bullying. I would like there to be less strict of a dress code, especially for girls, but I understand some of the points.
I liked playing volleyball and the academics were fair I suppose. I just think that some of the teachers could be replaced and that many of the staff didn't care.
I like the people there. Most pf my friends are really nice and even the people who i just sometimes talk to.are bice also. I would love to see the school be more involved with the community. Also I would to like to see a change in the arts program.
My experience with with going to Kimberly was great. The teachers are amazing. The school spirit is out of this world, and overall it's just a school that really cares about educating and helping kids.
I attended Kimberly School District from 2nd grade through 12th grade. I have many fond memories of playing outside at recess with friends, going through "drama" in middle school, and truly learning to enjoy my time in high school. I've had many great experiences at Kimberly. I love the "small school" and community-based aspect of it. If I could change one thing, however, it would be to offer more challenging courses for students with higher abilities than the norm. In certain classes, I was challenged enough to make it interesting. In others, I was bored with every assignment.
However, overall my time at Kimberly has been filled with learning, great teachers and staff, and an awesome experience!
Great community! Great school! Wonderful place to live and raise a family. Academics and athletics come together well. Lots of clubs for various interests.
Kimberly School had incredible teachers and students. The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone strives for a better future.
Kimberly School District is an amazing school district to attend. I attended Kimberly starting in second grade and am graduating from Kimberly High School this year. The education that you get from this school is a quality education. I feel like through out all my years of attending Kimberly, the teachers have all really worked to make the transition from grade to grade easy as possible and worked to make their teaching material all fit together. The faculty is very caring and they all genuinely really care about the students learning as well as their well being. The students are all also taught to be very close to each other in terms of no bullying or harassing each other. The education and experience I received through the Kimberly School District has really set me up to succeed for the rest of my life.
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