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I feel very welcome at Kimberly and they have always provided resources when I get stuck. They care a lot about their students.
Kimberly High School provided a rigorous education and pushed me to try new things, not only academically, but by joining new clubs and activities. There were a wide variety of AP and Honors courses to take. In addition, there were many sports and clubs to join.
There was always plenty of challenging classes to further enhance your education. Always provided students with resources outside of the classroom like math tutoring and the writing center to provide students with the opportunity to get caught up if they missed class or if they simply struggled with that particular subject.
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Kimberly is a very good school with a high emphasis on academics and sports. This does not deter away from a thriving theater program or cause an absence of art related successes through the year that are nationally recognized either. The courses are preparing students for college in the way they are set up in 90 minute blocks. The sports program is very strong and a great source of pride for not only the school but the community and many generations of alumni. The only downfall of Kimberly is the lack of diversity, not the schools fault though. The city of Appleton and the townships surrounding it are not very diverse but this does not stop minorities from attending the school or having the resources to be welcomed and fit in. Going to Kimberly is a very academically beneficial move in a person's life, no matter what you aim to do, the tools to help you get there will be present. The teachers are attentive and educated to the nines, it is a great place to learn.
In my 14 years in the district, I have always felt like I was in the right place. I've met my best friends there, and feel confident moving on to college because of Kimberly.
Kimberly Area School District is a very progressing District! The teachers expect a lot out of the students there for providing a rich environment in learning. The teachers are also continually making improvements to their own instruction through the district. High expectations are expected from everyone in the Kimberly Area School District community!
I loved the family feel that you got when you would get involved. An entire community would band together to root for the success of others, and that is by far my favorite thing that I remember about Kimberly to date.
I like the amount of quality opportunities the Kimberly Area School District has. Every department is at such a high level, it is amazing. I am part of the music department, sports, Project Green, and many academic and AP classes. In each area, I work with concise and understanding teachers that want the best for every student. I am able to bring change, as we are building a garden at KHS this year. In choir, I performed at Carnegie Hall learning difficult music. The faculty pushes me to become a better individual and develop my skills. The only thing I would change is the math department. They just changed the curriculum, and it is for the better. Math tutoring needs more teachers, as so many kids need help.
Kimberly Area School district is a great place to learn, except they care a lot about sports, maybe a little too much. If you don't play sports this is not the school for you. While the arts are celebrated is clearly obvious that the staff and students don't really care about them. You see many many students going to sports games, but when you show up to band or choir concerts there is maybe 10-15 kids choosing to go to these things.
Overall, my time spent at Kimberly High school has been very rewarding. Kimberly provides its students with an excellent education and innumerable ways to get involved in the school and in the community. Academics aside, the athletic program at Kimberly is phenomenal and they are very well known for their success in sports. What not everyone sees is the amount of amazing coaches behind all the great athletes and the hours of hard work their athletes put in during the seasons and in their off seasons. Kimberly is a very good school, but not perfect. Kimberly lacks the diversity that often helps give kids a better world view and makes them more well rounded, a lot of this has to do with where we are located, in the heart of Wisconsin. Though Kimberly may be lacking in diversity, the students make great efforts to show their open mindedness and make others feel welcome.
It is heavily focused on students in sports. Those in the arts, or who do not participate in sports are treated entirely differently, whether it be in the classroom, in the office, or on the streets of the community. Students who are in sports are treated with a 'special' status. If they 'break the rules', it's overlooked. If they need 'special' treatment, teachers and faculty give it to them without second guessing. For the rest of us, we were seen as 'average' and 'under-achieving'. Also, there is almost no Guidance. If you need help, you're given some excuse for 'help', and sent on your way.
My experience at Kimberly High School has been nothing short of amazing. Every single teacher that I have crossed paths with at Kimberly sincerely cares about each and every single one of their students. The teachers stay hours after school to work with kids and help them succeed in all of their classes. The thing I love most about Kimberly is how there is a place for everyone at the school. There are countless amounts of clubs. The abundance of clubs is put in place to ensure that every student feels welcomed at KHS. Beyond just academics and clubs, Kimberly thrives in sports as well. Kimberly is a D1 school that has earned countless state titles in all sports. Currently, the football team at Kimberly has gone 4 years without a loss, and are going for their 5th this year. Kimberly succeeds at being an exceptional school in every way possible, and will always hold a special place in my heart.
I really enjoyed my time at kimberly! I was a good kid and was involved with theater and other things as well! You enjoy Kimberly if you follow the rules and are involved, but if you don't follow the rules then you won't have the best time. One thing I would like to see improved is how they handle bullying.
I felt like my experience at KHS has been a wonderful journey with friends and teachers. During my time, I've had plenty of engagement with the community through volunteer opportunities, which I am thankful for have been apart of because of the experience I've acquired.
I enjoyed Kimberly High School! They have been rated one of the top schools for students that are above average in test scores. They have a lot of extracurricular activities and do not tolerate drugs or bulling! The teachers are not only your mentors but true friends also. I will really miss going to KHS,but all the teachers helped me on making my decision on what I want to go to college for.... EDUCATION!!
Kimberly High School has amazing teachers that encourage their students to achieve high goals. They offer AP, CAPP, and honors courses. Also they have great athletics. Although I wish we had more finals to prepare us for finals in college.
Good. They have a strong community involvement and are committed to the kids. Their sports programs are very strong.
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Overall, Kimberly High School is focused on making its students into better people through a large amount of opportunities. There are countless numbers of clubs! Some are open to any members such as Yearbook Club and Anime Club while others students have to apply for, like National Honor Society and Link Crew. Kimberly offers many AP and Honors courses and has received awards for its challenging classes. The music wing at KHS offers everywhere from musical theatre classes to band and choir classes along with AP Music Theory striving for successful musicians. Sports opportunities are also above and beyond what most schools have. However, sports are usually focused on way more than they should be. The school recently replaced turf on the football/soccer field, and KHS is now home to an indoor sports facility that will open later this year.
I really enjoy living in the Kimberly Area school district, but certain things at the school I do not like. Though our athletic, theater and academic programs are very well they do like to control many aspects of what we do throughout our day. The school likes to control what we do by blocking multiple apps and websites online and on your own computer, stopping or ignoring controversial issues and spending lots of money on just sports programs. I myself am an athlete and appreciate these contributions but putting myself in the shoes of someone who does not enjoy sports, they must feel less noticed and acknowledged by the school district.
Throughout my four years I have had such a wonderful time at kimberly High School. The teaching staff is filled with great teacher who truly care about there students and help them succeed. I have also done a lot in athletics at KHS and that has been very enjoyable as well. I have grown a lot as a student and a athlete and I can thank KHS for all the fun that I have had.
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