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The teachers really help guide you and prepare you for adulthood. The atmosphere is very good. Everyone is very welcoming.
I had a good experience and Kimball Area Public Schools. It is a rural area school with small classes and caring teachers. I liked that it was easy to get help from teachers or other faculty members. An advisory was created to have an hour of the day where every teacher is available to help students. This has helped me and other students excel academically. Something that could be improved on is the amount of classes offered. Since it is such a small school, classes can only be offered that enough students sign up for. Also, there isn't as many teachers so most of the electives are artistic or shop work. By enlisting more academic related classes, like psychology, students would be able to explore other aspects of education that they may be interested to study or pursue a career in.
We open enroll our daughters in this district and we have been very pleased with the education, activities and staff at this school. Our daughters have thrived academically and socially. I would recommend participating in as many clubs, activities and sports as possible.
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The school itself needs a lot of improvement in what it can do for the student. Some teachers are fantastic while others are below standard. The facility itself doesn't offer much and when it does it restricts access to the facility's offerings quite piously. The student is not considered for the better and that is the problem of this school.
It has ok facilities and a pretty good staff. There is a lack of outside activities and should look to add more sports. I enjoyed my experience at Kimball Area High School.
In my experience at Kimball Schools, I felt closely connected to my teachers and peers through the small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratio. If I ever had any questions there was always someone to talk to. Kimball has many high quality sports facilities, particularly the track. One thing I would like to see continue to improve is the school's technology. Kimball has a moderate level of available decides as well as a bring-your-own-device policy. I forsee more high-quality technology to be added in the future.
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