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I would like to see better counselors that actually know what they're talking about and give the students the classes they asked for. The schools are overcrowded, the counselors are lazy, and the APs do not give any help. I was given the wrong classes and was told I couldn't take certain classes when I COULD HAVE, and they just lied to me and messed my schedule all up.
Some teachers are good at their jobs, but teachers in this school district from connections to their students and show their students that it's ok to be who we are no matter what.
I have enjoyed being in the Killeen Independent School District. The only change I would like to see are resources to students that need them.
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Killeen isd isn't the best but has some good qualities. Not all the AP's seem to look out for the kids, and are more of looking for things to please themselves rather than things that will benefit the students as a whole.
I've been attending the KISD school district for most of my life. There are an immense amount of good thing I throughly enjoyed about this district and also a few things I didn't enjoy so much. First of all most of the teachers are excellent in our district. The amount of love and care they give us is something I will forever be grateful for as it has truly benefitted me. Although they are teachers they care more than just about your grades and scores, they actually care about your well being whether you re actually okay or not and they will help you if you are not. One thing our district has an profound concern about is dress code. I understand the purpose of dress code but it comes to a point were we aren't allowed to express ourselves, we aren't allowed to be ourselves and we are put into this little box of what we can and cannot wear which after a while just makes us want to rebel a lot. Overall though I really did like my school district, it's not perfect but what district is?
I mainly liked how when you get to high school they give you that option to actually go out into the work field. What I would like to see be improved is how the teachers actually teach their students. The teachers need to put in more effort and time with their students.
I would like to see some people get different jobs and I really think some people need to be re taught.
Killeen’s school district is a great place to have kids go to school. From elementary to high school every school has great working environments for students to learn and grow.
The district spent a million dollars on a score board nobody wanted and nobody likes. The schools are old and bathrooms are missing stall doors, but instead of fixing anything, they faked the need for portables and now are building a bunch of new schools instead of fixing the ones they have.
KISD kickstarted my journey towards college and was with me every step of the way. The teachers and administrators kept me motivated on my track for success, they helped me to not become lazy and keep moving forward-continue to strive for more. In general, if you don't inquire about certain programs or course plans, you will be out of the loop unless someone you know is a part of it.
The Killeen Independent School District is very involved, they always try to help students and teacher be the best they can be. They have a lot of opportunities for athletes, and a variety of clubs. The district gives many resources for students who can't afford school supplies and the teacher are given as much as they need. When I think of all the school in our district, I think that we get along very well and have great competition but most importantly great sportsmanship. They have made it clear that we are all in this together and I am proud to be a part of this community.
I am now a recent graduate of the Killeen School District. I attended C.E. Ellison High School for 4 years. I enjoyed the many teachers and faculty members that I have came across of the years. The teachers were not just teachers for most of us students. They were friends, or a mom or dad to many kids. They enjoyed their jobs even when some individuals did not behave correctly. The teachers became teachers not for just a paycheck but to genuinely make a difference in our lives.
I graduated from the Killeen Independent School District in 2016 and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for any other set of schools in the country. It consisted of 4 high schools and all of which were very charasmstic. We had our rivalries but when it was time to band together, we did so without question. I loved that about us.
Well, I’m new to the school district this year and everyone in the area is so move and they are very helpful.
My experience in Killeen ISD was acceptable. I say this because the majority of my time spent in this district was in high school. I did not like how all the high schools were held at different standards; if all of the high school are in the same district then they should all be treated the same and held to the same standards. I went to Harker Heights and a lot of rules that we had or that were strongly enforced were not at any of the other high schools and I am not speaking from word of mouth from other students but from what I was able to visually see and interact with. If there are district-wide rules that are put in place, they shold be strongly enforced at all schools, not just one.
I have been in this district for 10 years. The food is not the best neither are the bathrooms but the people and teachers make it seem good at times.
I went to a small private school in the Killeen Independant School Distract for all of my high school years. Before that, I went through elementary and middle school in the KISF system. The teachers and staff seemed very uninterested in their student’s personal success for the most part. However, there are still teachers scattered throughout the city that still have a personal connection to their job, and really want to be there. Students, however, are increasingly disrespectful of staff. Due to lack of parent accountability, teachers can hardly be blamed for this.
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It a nice place to learn and study up on the thinks I need to get ready for. This District has helped me with many different things in my time here. They have help me become a better student and person while going there so far. because of them my mind have become something greater than before, something that could be molded for the future. So in my case and experiences, its seems like a pretty good school.
Going to school here in Killeen was not at all as I would have expected it to be. I was able to make new friends quickly and join various clubs pertaining to my interests.
It may seem typical as a high school student to say this, but although many teachers enjoyed their work ans treated us students well, the other staff appeared to be less focused and seemed to care less about our actual education. It wasn't the worst 4 years.
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