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KISD has been the worst experience ever. I grew up & went to Kilgore my whole life... wasn't that good for me either, but with my kids, it's even worse! And now that we've moved to another school district, they are SO far behind in their education, when they were at the top, in Kilgore. Kilgore doesn't teach at all, they only STAAR prep. Having to get my kids tutored now, to get them caught up to where they should be. And for heaven's sake, don't try to be a good parent or stand up for what's right, otherwise you're doomed for an even worse experience!
The administration's concerns about the students safety and preparations for college make Kilgore a great place to go. My experience through the years have been good as well. I've been apart of the band and the volleyball team and even though they don't get too much recognition for their achievements
This district is totally afraid of being sued so much so that he high school has no rules. No deadlines for assignments. Teachers are quitting prior to contracts expiring. Many teachers (25%) per year. There is no support from high school administrators. Reverse racism is a problem. So much so that teachers that are quitting said they have been instructed not to discipline students of color but ok to discipline whites. Helps the campus “numbers”. Academics stakes a back burner to everything. And campus security is a joke. Open for anyone to enter.
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I love Kilgore but there are some flaws. Everyone is big on treating each other the same but that never happens. People have their favorites and it’s unfair. The rules should be applied to EVERYONE not just the people who aren’t your “favorites”
Kilgore High School has an extraordinary educational staff that have touched the lives of many students. Teachers work hard to make sure students comprehend material and help students prepare for college. It is a great school to attend and I am proud to be a Bulldog.
I am currently a senior at Kilgore ISD. I have enjoyed all the years I have attended. Kilgore ISD has always challenged me and encouraged me to push myself further. The school has always been involved and has given the students that goes there many opportunities to excel and broaden their horizons. I am currently 2nd in my class with the dedication of all my teachers and my hard work I would say that my experience at Kilgore Independent School District was a wonderful one and I thank every single one of my teachers and faculty for the support and opportunity to succeed.
Kilgore ISD gives students the ability to express themselves while staying in reason. I have attended Kilgore schools my entire academic career and have enjoyed my many years here. I've been mostly an A and B student, but all the teachers I've had have been good enough to keep students in the know about their grades and school projects. All students are encouraged to join as many groups and clubs as possible, but teachers will tell them where they need to spend a majority of their time if the student feels overwhelmed. Kilgore has extremely safe campuses with 2-3 school resource officers in the school at any time and keeps all entry points where there is not a main monitor or camera locked and bolted shut for student safety. While the building is older and stands as a historical building, it has been home to many of us for school throughout these years.
Kilgore Independent School District has always had a passion for the students. "I Believe," our school motto, teaches us to believe in ourselves even when others don't. Kilgore ISD shows great pride in our clubs, organizations, and academics. We as a school do our best to show our Bulldog pride in all that we do.
My experience at Kilgore High School was good, I attended there for two years. The academics were good and so were the after school academic teams.
Would like to see the dress code be more lax as it is very difficult to find clothing. Feel like I'm not as prepared as I would like to be regarding college classes...Middle school should prepare kids more for high school. Very unprepared
The faculty is very student oriented and friendly. While I was attending the high school they were in the process of creating new clubs and organizations for the students to be a apart of.
Overall Kilgore has been a great place to grow up for the past 11 years. All of the sudden this last year everything changed and now we have certain rules that are pretty useless that are heavily enforced. Teachers are good, the campuses are good, and the environment is decent. If I could change some things I would take out the useless rules and there would be a much happier school.
What I loved about Kilgore is that it was so small that you were just friends with everybody. Its a small town with great people and they raise there kids right.
I like because it is a relatively small school that friendships are easier to form with student and also the teachers. I would make the classes more interactive if able.
I am currently a student at Kilgore High School. Kilgore High School has been a insight of how the real world works. I currently am in all honors, AP, and dual credit classes. I feel as if there is plenty of opportunity to advance if one applies themselves. Kilgore's clubs are mostly student based which allows students to grow independent and into future leaders we need today. I am president of our African American Student Alliance, Senate Vice President of our student council, secretary of our local Ducks Unlimited chapter, and I am apart of various other clubs and national organizations. Each club offers the chance for a student to grow. Over my four year duration at Kilgore, I have been presented with new challenges that have prepared me for the future.
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