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Teachers are very well rounded, they involve student life and work around student's sport careers to help better their academic lives first.
The schools themselves were small and that created a close community but the education program wasn't very good and there is a lot of down low bullying that none of the staff does much about.
My experience at Kiel High was average. If you're not a teachers pet or a star athlete you're most likely to blend in with the crowd. The academics are average at best if you have a teacher that actually does their job. Other then that I would recommend a different school if you're looking for good academics and diversity.
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I somewhat appreciated the size of the high school. It is small, but it was more close knit than other schools. I liked that I could walk through the hall and know everyone's names. For those that are academically challenged or above average, the academics are very sub par. There were only one or two classes where I actually felt challenged. And even fewer where I was generally interested in the topic.
Kiel Area School District provides the most genuinely caring teachers, administrators, counselors and more, all reaching beyond their occupational standards to help our schools and community out of pure love and compassion. Academics are taught well and students receive many opportunities to excel in both the classroom and after high school through both classes and the multitude of extracurriculars offered.
Kiel School District was relatively nice to be in. Most of the students were kind and the majority of the teachers were generous. There were still some students that received special treatment just because they were in sports or wouldn't listen to authority. Further, some of the authority figures were push-overs or inconsiderate. Overall, KASD is not a terrible place to be, but it could be better.
I believe that the Kiel area school district does an outstanding job at providing necessary resources and incredible teaching staff. One thing I would love to see about this district is the improvement of the social studies department. I feel that we have great resources but the staff is not using them to the student's advantage. Additionally, we should use more of our yearly budget by encouraging new ways to study social studies. A lot of our class learning is based on computer, powerpoints and over tired lectures.
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