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I love the atmosphere of this place, everyone who works here truly cares about you and wants the best for you. Although funds are limited the administration and faculty makes the most of what we have. The academics are tough at times but as I stated earlier there is always someone here who has your back and will help you out.
Good- They have good scholarship programs.
Bad- White lower class Americans make up basically the whole school.
Kickapoo was a great school that allowed me to thrive. The staff is always helpful and kind no matter the situation. I went through a lot of personal problems my junior and senior year and the staff helped me get through all of it. The staff cares about the students so much it's like another family! The learning environment at Kickapoo is so welcoming and comfortable, it allows the students to grow and prosper.
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Lots of one on one with teachers. Lots of favoritism at times though. Overall great environment for both children and adults alike. Education has always been a main focus and I feel as though the do succeed in this category. Almost all graduates journey back to Kickapoo to raise their kids and encourage a positive community for all.
As an alum who now attends a Big10 University with much success, I can confidently say that I was privileged to attend Kickapoo Area Schools District. Although there is not much diversity, the teachers attention to student success and effort to truly know the students is unrivaled. The school is small, but the opportunities are good and the people are genuine and kind.
Kickapoo Area School District is very open and welcoming to new students from every area. Every year we welcome several foreign exchange students who feel welcome almost immediately and just seem to fit right in with the schools atmosphere.
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