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Keystone Oaks School District Reviews

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The best word to describe Keystone Oaks is sufficiable. The class options are poor but that's to be expected with so few students. The most redeeming quality about Keystone Oaks are the teachers who know all of the students very well and arealways looking to help. You can talk to the teachers about anything and they will always give you a pleasant response.
At Keystone Oaks High School, you get what you give. If you search for a phenomenal education and you put in the work, that is EXACTLY what you get. I have an absolutely incredible relationship with all of my teachers from the past and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are my biggest role models and my greatest supporters. I learned more than most both educationally and about myself. My teachers became my family. I would like to see Keystone Oaks stress less on standardized testing and AP tests and more on the quality of education. We have lost many extremely fantastic and truly amazing, intelligent teachers and a lot of opportunities for learning because actual education has been replaced by tests and there is a lack of passion in the teaching. It has become mundane where it should be inspiring.
Keystone Oaks High school is very close school district, where pretty much all the students in each grade know each other because we have grown up together since kindergarten. Those that we did not meet in elementary school, we met in middle school when the three elementary schools in the school district combined. High school was a lot more fun than middle school because we had so much more freedom, but as a freshman I was confused and did not understand the importance of GPA's and honors classes and AP classes and college credit, though there was not an option to take AP classes as a freshman, I still did not understand what it meant. I did do well in high school, getting nominated for NHS, but I think that it would be important for teachers and administrators or someone in the district to inform and explain to the oncoming high school students,and even the lower classmen in high school,the importance of GPA and doing well and challenging yourself in school.
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I enjoyed all the friends I was able to make and the sports I was able to participate in. They shaped me into the person I am today. A few things I disliked about the school was the food and some of the teachers who didn't teach very well.
Overall, KO is a better school than people say. If you take the honors classes, you will be prepared for college.
Keystone Oaks school district is a very friendly school environment. Most if not all students tend to be involved in what they like which makes the atmosphere a very joyous one. One thing I really liked about the district is how students get attached with their teachers all throughout their years. For example, I still remember my fifth grade teacher which I go visit sometimes. But one thing would revolutionize the Keystone Oaks experience and that would be having personal laptops for students to enhance the learning experience.
We're only in the elementary school level right now, but Dormont has the best teachers around. We've had some truly amazing, inspiring teachers. They have started a morning video news with students writing and producing. They have a 4th grade monthly news letter. Battle of the Books is coming up and Odyssey of the Mind. We have a diverse population and diverse activities in the school to showcase that. Our PFO is amazing and creative and there's such a community focus with activities. Lots of sports to engage in and teach the kids. Our support staff is great. Amazing Principal and Counselor. Could not be happier. And I have teacher family members and friends in other districts and they're always surprised by how much is done for our kids and the love the community feels for Dormont Elementary. Go KO!
The teachers are so nice and understanding! They don't get annoyed or anything when you don't understand a lesson.
What I want to change : Students currently here, god are they annoying, not to mention I feel like I lose brain cells just by being near these imbeciles. Most are rude and inconsiderate.
Most of the teachers are invested in the student's education. The facilities are not very clean. The cafeteria food could use a lot of improvements. The bathrooms could use remodeling.
Teachers were always friendly and helpful for the most part, but the administration isn't the best to work with.
It was a great experience with great teacher who genuinely support their students. The curriculum can be challenging, but with great teachers come great success. The principal is very great and cares for the students. We had great food, healthy food options. The school is located in a great area, in between Mount Lebanon and Dormont (both of which are great neighborhoods). The social events were always very fun, including sports games and school dances.
Keystone Oaks School District was the first ever school I attended after moving to United States. This school has always been good with academically and safety wise. This school never let me feel like an outsider. Everything is good about this school from lunch to student body involvement and academically.
Keystone Oaks has been my life for 12 years. I have made countless memories and many friends that I will remember forever. I loved all my classes and learned so much from all of them. My teachers have been the greatest mentors and truly care about my future just as much as I do. The work was not easy but, if it was, I would not know nearly as much as I do now. Not only were the academics at Keystone Oaks important to me, but the athletics were just as imperative. All my life, I have played sports and the opportunities available at Keystone Oaks made me want to become a better athlete more and more each day. At Keystone Oaks, I was challenged everyday with new work and tasks to complete which made me the person I am today.
Keystone Oaks is a very great school. The staff is amazing and they really know how to teach the kids very well.
Most teachers are very involved and genuinely care about giving the students a good education. I would like to see an improvement on school board productivity, which seems to often be a problem. There is always a sport or activity for everyone, and it's a great learning environment for those who are willing to work hard.
Keystone Oaks was an okay school district. I would say that the teachers were nice, but then again so of them were pretty nasty to the students. Food was gross, and classmates were overall excepting.
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