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I love that at Keystone were more of a community because our school is so small everyone knows everyone and it's really great to be able to go to school and know no matter what there will always be someone there for you because you're basically friends with everyone.
Keystone is a very nice small school that allows students many opportunities. The teachers are fantastic and it is truly amazing how close knit the community is.
I went to keystone my whole life, the teachers and staff are nice and very welcoming. I learn a lot from the very helpful and intelligent teachers. I wouldn't have wanted to attend anywhere else in lorain county.
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Keystone school district is okay, I enjoyed marching band a lot but not the students and faculty of the high school. My high school experience wasn't amazing or memorable in this district, band is what made it great.
Everyone was so friendly, I absolutely loved the staff. They were so very helpful and was focused on everyone's education. Teachers would stay after school to help students until they understood what they needed to learn. I felt as if we were a huge family, the staff would make so many connections and friendships with all the students. Most teachers were excellent at what kind of information that they taught us, but then there was a few that were somewhat careless if you understood the information or not. They prepared us in every way about how we can be ready for college or whatever we decided to do after graduation.
Keystone is a wonderful school district! All of the teachers and administrators truly seem to be happy to be there and provide such a wonderful environment for the students. They work hard to maintain a high standard of education but they do not forget the value of fun and play.
I was a student at the High school and worked as a student teacher aid in the elementary and middle school. I liked the size of the classes. Each student was able to be worked with closely. The teachers really care about the education quality they provide as well as all of their students.
I went to lakewood city schools for most of my middle school and grade school. I spent 2 weeks in the high school when my parents decided we are going to move. I was so unhappy. But honestly it was the greatest thing they could have done. Im about to be a senior now in high school, keystone has been a total change in environment. The people and teachers are nicer and caringing. I couldnt ask for a better high school experience!
If you don't do sports, and if you don't belong to a family that did sports, you'll struggle to get help here sometimes. Favoritism is strong at Keystone, and is most of what gets some students to graduation. Some of the staff is excellent, very caring and kind, however some of the staff that I had in my time here were absolutely harsh and unnecessarily cruel. For several reasons I am very glad to be graduated and gone. Despite my complaints, the rating is not a two out of five because of some of the few excellent teachers I had.
I think the teachers are outstanding. They are willing ot put in the extra time to get you where you need to be and want to be. The only issue I had was the politics throughout the athletic department and unjust punishments to students who should not have gotten punished. Overall, very safe, clean, and close-knit community that transfers over into the high school.
Keystone is a school that mainly focuses on sports and pushes sports on to students. Giving them the message that sports are more important to school work. If your big into sports and pep rally and shouting Keystone should be your first pick !
Keystone is a great place for learning and being involved. Since it is such a small school it is easy for everyone to being included in something. Almost every student is involved in some sort of sport or club. There are many opportunities for community service in these. The academics are great as well and the teachers are always willing to help any student in need. Keystone offers many college and AP level courses that help many students get a head start on their college transcripts and can save them money in the future. Overall, I enjoy Keystone and am very glad it is the high school that I attend.
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