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There is nothing positive about this school district. Teachers are overpaid and under perform they teach to standardized tests and do not prepare students for life after school, teachers are a huge drain on the district and they do not care for the students as long as they maximize their salary with as little effort as possible since after they get tenure there is no threat of loosing their job.
Terrible atmosphere, administration, teachers. If school choice were an option this school district would be out of business.
The school experience is not overall that great or helpful for life outside of the classroom. There are often fights and disagreements among the student body, creating a lot of tension that interferes with learning. The skills we learn are lacking, we are far behind many other school districts with where each grade is in their curriculum. It is also difficult to have one on one time with teachers if you are a student that falls behind easily. We do not have mandatory geography classes, making the overall knowledge of the country we live in, and other places we need to be aware of around the world, not present. Most students can not locate or name all 50 states. It is too easy to be accepted into the Honor and High honor roll, as it's not even a requirement to be taking honors, dual enrollment, or AP courses to qualify. Overall, there are many things about the district, particularly the high schools, that should be changed.
Keystone Central has had many bumps in the road. A big one would be spending money we do have. That has a very negative impact on the students and staff members. While someone doesn't know how to manage the books correctly the staff has been working so hard to make this bad situation as good as they can.
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I have had to endure racial discrimination throughout all 12 years of attending Keystone Central, the school district is not inclusive of all and does not recognize a need for diversity. The school district doesn't care about forming the students for the world, they are in debt and make cuts to programs like electronics and languages which students would be able to use in their lives. They allow people to retake tests to improve their grades and that hurts everybody because it allows students to improve their GPA and class rank and that hurts the others. The school district will not invest in curriculum that will benefit the students. There isn't any enforcement on their bully free zone and they brush situations to the side as long as they are kept hidden and when they are brought to the attention of all, you are treated like you did something wrong, it's like you are punished for being a victim and trying to do something about it.
I like the determination of some of the teachers to connect to their students, but I wish the district would align their rules and guidelines to better prepare you for entering into college.
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