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The teachers are great, and having a small school is fun so you know everyone you graduate with. Our sports teams were small but we still had tons of fun.
When it comes to the science program I feel like the school did not prepare me for college, especially but for chemistry. I feel like I did not learn how to study and I wish I could have been more prepared for my first year of college.
Living in a small town, your business was all over school. It's not that our school was bad it's just that you don't really get any privacy.
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I love being at Kewaunee because the community is very welcoming and always willing to help you out when you need it. The only thing I would like to see is stronger consequences for rule breaking.
I went to Kewaunee School District from kindergarten until I graduated high school. My favorite part about going to school here was the small size. I grew up in Kewaunee so the size was great for what i was use to. I graduated with 74 others whom I had known for most of my life. Kewaunee is a good school district and I will always remember it.
Overall my experience at Kewaunee was very amazing because I found myself a good set of friends that would contribute to my education and my teachers would always be there for me. The staffing at KHS is so amazing, I honestly had the best teachers to go to for personal issues or some kind of course work and they would always help me no matter what in any field from english, math and then science. Any teacher would help me by their best ability and I honestly was so grateful to have the staff I got to grow up with.
Each class will vary on the amount you learn from that given teacher and subject. Almost every subject within our high school has one teacher that does a good job with the curriculum and then you have other teachers who at the end of the day you still do not understand the curriculum. Our new principle however has done an amazing job with the students and helping them along their own road to graduation. He actually met with students who had previous trouble to see what could be changed and wiped their slate clean. There has been an overall change of student to faculty respect with our principle.
It's super easy to find scholarships and makes the task not as daunting. I was not sure how many scholarships I would have time to write but you don't need to even write them for some scholarships.
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