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The Kewasksum School District is an incredible place to send your children to learn. Teachers there are passionate, dedicated and make a constant effort to involve all the students. The small size of the district allows for the teachers to create personal relationships with their students, as well as allowing the students to develop incredibly close friendships with each other.
Kewaskum High School has a great atmosphere, and is a great place to receive your high school education at. There are some truly amazing teachers at our school, and they help your education journey continue smoothly. The recent referendum has vastly improved what the school looks like, and now it's so friendly and nice to walk around in and learn.
During my four years at Kewaskum High I have grown to love the small-town feel without sacrificing my education, as there were a plethora of higher-level courses offered. The town is unique and quaint, the people are wonderfully nice, and I was left with wonderful memories of fun times that will stay with me forever.
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Kewaskum High School has been my home for the past 4 years. Coming in as a freshman I was accepted into many different groups. At Kewaskum there are many different groups and clubs you can take part in. Taking part in these groups allows you to meet new people and sometimes even give back to the community. For example I am part of Key Club at school. On this club we organize volunteer opportunities in order to give back to the community. Throughout my 4 years in Kewaskum I have gotten to know many of the students and have made come exceptional friends. I have made friends with a Kid of special needs who has changed my life. He has given me a different outlook on people with special needs. I now have much more respect for them and also help to involve them with the rest of the school. Kewaskum has been a good place for my 4 years of education in high school.
Kewaskum is an excellent, safe school district. They provided a great education with lots of opportunities for high level classes. The elementary schools are some of the best performing schools in the state. The teachers really care about kids, and they are building a new middle school and renovating the high school, so the facilities are going to be top of the line.
The teachers here are generally very dedicated to students and are willing to give extra help when needed, and there are many helpful resources available to students
Kewaskum is a small school with up to date sports facilities. The football field is kept in very good condition as is the equipment in the school gym. The art equipment is also very well maintained. The school high school also has a very nice school theatre. But the student body isn't very diverse. Kewaskum is a small town surrounded by farms and most of the students are white. On rare occasions the few minority students that attend the school have been bullied due to their differences, which, though it happens in most schools, is still not acceptable. This detracts from the overall culture and atmosphere. Academically, I feel the success of the students is determined more by their willingness to conform to the school's culture and individual teacher's rigid procedure than their ability to prove their knowledge.
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