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Kewanee Community Unit School District No. 229 Reviews

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Kewanee High School is very diverse. You can find almost every race, religion, and ethnicity. That is what I love about Kewanee. Also, most of the students and faculty are very kind and helpful. The Teachers are amazing and will do whatever it takes to help you learn as long as you put in the effort. The only thing I would like to see change is how some teachers have favorites and pick out certain people to dislike. That is at almost every school though.
At this school we basically learn nothing and you can get bullied and picked on.The teacher don't help you with anything.The upperclassmen blame the freshmen for every bad thing that happens at the school.The teachers and principal don't enforce the rules.
I would like to see more resources for after-school help for students struggling with a class. I would like to see teachers be more readily available for extra help. It would also be nice if grades were better communicated and extra work available for those students who are struggling.
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I had a great experience as a student here. I felt motivated and taken care of, safe and encouraged. Nothing really needs changed, maybe minor details if any.
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