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Loved attending this school. I am currently in college now & loving it. Kettle Moraine really prepared me for the college school work load which is extremely helpful. The teachers are amazing and are always willing to help with anything and everything to make you succeed. I met so many friends that have been belong my side ever since. My favorite part about KM was the staff and everyone who worked there. From the teachers to the janitors and even the lunch ladies, everyone was so nice and welcoming. School was always a place i looked forward to going to.
My experience at kettle moraine high school was a five star experience. Throughout going to the is school I became friends with people from all grades. And many of them I will be friends with for the rest of my life. Not only did I get a quality education but I learned many life lessons along the way from the teachers and all the staff.
The teachers are wonderful and go above and beyond to help their students understand the concepts taught in class. Whether it be spending extra time with them in/out the class or giving them extra handouts for practice, the teachers are always there for the students.
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I like kettle moraine but we are practically in the middle of nowhere, I live in Dousman twenty mins from school and whenever I tell someone I live here they always respond with, "Wheres that, I have never heard of it". Try ordering a pizza and having to be like Pocahontas giving exact details and directions to where you live everytime you want a delivery. That's why my family goes out. I wish we had more diversity though. We have a lot of different classes like learning about the human body and biology to taking a class about birds having to remember two hundred or more birds by sound and look. In retrospect, I don't hate living in a small area, there's barely any crime. Every district has its ups and downs but that's what makes it home.
My experience with Kettle Moraine was very positive; the teachers were always very eager to help and had many resources for extra practice or more assistance. However, I believe there are still some kinks to be worked out with the charter schools. Overall it was an excellent high school and prepared me well for college.
I have been a part of the Kettle Moraine School District since Kindergarden. So far, it has been very important and the main reason for any success I have had. I believe that Kettle Moraine has done more than prepare me for my future endeavors.
I liked the teachers that I had because they helped me learn and overcome any challenges that I had. They helped me learn the material better and in my own way. Something that they could change would be to be more hands-on in the administrative part of the school district, because many times it seems like they could improve in parts of the school rather than improving in areas that don't need the improvement.
teachers complain about not getting paid enough more than they teach. Board cares most about look and reputation and is willing to bend rules to make the student body fit them. Used to be a good school but was ruined by block scheduling and the new grading system
I joined Kettle Moraine Highschool from a private middle school and was welcomed with open arms. The environment is very friendly and academically focused. I wouldn’t change much except that connecting with some of the teachers can be difficult at times.
Kettle moraine highschool is a good school for educational purposes, but they do try to push a lot of meaningless requirements such as career cruising that doesn't prepare us for college yet it is a requirement that nobody takes seriously, and some people don't know what they want to do so they are just stuck. I like kettle moraine but some of there teaching goals aren't really realistic.
During my 7 years attending Kettle Moraine schools I have been able to get a solid picture of the district. The academics are prestigious to say the least, and a large factor of this is quality teaching. The district is attuned to students' personal interests, offering 3 charter schools: Global, a predominately online school, Perform, which focuses on the arts, music, and drama, and a High School of Health Sciences. A positive aspect of KMSD is the inclusion and strength of the adaptive programs for kids with special needs. In addition to academics, the student life is great as Kettle Moraine offers a multitude of sports, clubs, and organizations. The only negative would be the diversity within the school district. The student body has few representatives from different cultures. As the administration feels that becoming culturally proficient is important, a guest speaker from the Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee was brought in.
The Kettle Moraine School District prepared me for my education beyond high school. This district provides exceptional learning environments and is a great fit for any type of student.
I am a freshman in one of their charter schools, Global. I love this school because it takes a different perspective in high school education and better prepares you for college and the "real world."
The Kettle Moraine School District has been pursuing and achieving excellence for 50 years. It is such an amazing place for students and educators to grow and make a difference.
I really liked how much the teachers were willing to help, especially in the Health Science program.
I loved Kettle Moraine. It was a great experience and taught me a lot academically. Overall, everyone is caring and wants the students to exceed. There have been some negative memories because of some teachers not doing their job, but the general teacher population works very hard at their job.
It has a great atmosphere between teachers and students, everyone is very respectful. What I would love to see changed is for the administration to stop changing things. Just subtleties like moving around rooms, etc. It makes it confusing for everyone.
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Great charter schools. So helpful. I am in the charter for Health Sciences, and it has allowed me so many wonderful opportunities. I am able to work alongside professionals. Just great teachers and flexibility as well.
Since pre-k through 12th grade, we couldn't ask for a better school district. Each year we have been thankful for teachers and administrators commitment to our son's school career.
This school district is a pretty good school district. I completed all of my primary education through this school (K-12) and I am now a student at a very prestigious university—University of Wisconsin-Madison—which speaks for itself.
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