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Kettle Falls School District Reviews

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Kettle Falls is a very small town, which often leads to connections that you may not have known you have. This community is very tightly woven, they all support one another, and support their kids going to school. Kettle Falls School District is always finding a way to improve their district and that shows very great dedication to their students. As I went through school here I watched ideas become a reality and that is was Kettle Falls does best. Kettle Falls is honestly just a spec on the map but we do great things and I cannot wait to come back and see what happens next for Kettle Falls.
Kettle Falls in a wonderful school, and I feel lucky to go there. The school has wonderful staff who are very helpful and care about every student.
I love Kettle Falls schools. The School receives academic rewards regularly.I wish the students were more active in sports.
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Kettle Falls School District has great teachers that focus on the students taking there classes. Faculty is very nice and the students behave respect for one another.
I attended the elementary, middle and high schools. There was some bullying (different types - emotional, physical, sexual harassment) when I went, but I hear it's become terrible.
Kettle Falls School district is an amazing place to be, its a smaller community but with great awesome teachers. It gave me the opportunity to get to know my teachers on a personal level. Plus it lets me have one on one time with my teacher when I need help.
I like Kettle Falls High School's ability to include all students in what they offer. Their gear up adviser is top notch, and I recommend her highly. The teachers are all work very hard to make sure students succeed.
The teachers are really nice and helpful. They let you work at your own pace. The whole program really helps you succeed.
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