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Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District Reviews

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The teachers were all very nice and cared about their job. Most knew what they were teaching quite well.
This school is pretty small but its good because, as a student, I can make many relationships with other students and teachers. I love that its easy to talk with the teacher individually at any time almost. They have pretty good academics but again, since it's a small school, there isn't a large amount of options for classes.
The school is mediocer . The teachers are decent, some are quality advisors, while others are completely outside their league. The new advisory period is a waste of all the students time and attention. The lunch program is dreadful. The principal could careless about the health and welfare of the students. The superintendent must know where the skeletons are for it is a miracle what his salary is, much that he still has a job.
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The teachers show so much care, they want you to pass and they take extra steps to make sure we're passing.
I liked all the support from everyone. It's comforting knowing there are people who care. What I would like to see change is the behavior of younger students, especially freshmen.
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