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The school district does really well at adapting to situations like COVID-19 and in reaching out to their students and parents.
Somethings that I liked about kershaw county school district is that they really care for the students at each school in the district and they make sure we have everything we need to be successful in school. What I would like to send change is a little more security around the campuses.
My experirence here is'nt one to stand out from other schools. I thought it was cool to learn a new instrument.
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My experience at Camden high school is average. The communication between teachers and students is sometimes misunderstood by bad behavior. Every day I am hungry in class because there is not enough food or the food is not very good. The lessons are run through very quickly in a semester. I end up not remembering much of anything and when the test comes I am stuck.
I attend North Central High School in the Kershaw County School District, and I must say, there is not another place like it. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure I receive the best education possible.
I went to an elementary, middle and high school in the Kershaw Country School District. I liked that there was a strong emphasis placed on developing reading and writing skills. I also appreciated the efforts that were put forth to instill environmental awareness into the students as well. There was also a wide variety of clubs that was offered that gave everyone an opportunity to join something that played to their strengths. Some changes that I would like to see in the district is some refurbishing in some of the schools. Many of them are poorly built and have issues such as major leaking. I would also like there to be more diversity awareness. I was a minority in the district and I have always felt like an outside because of it. I feel that there should be more emphasis placed on building a bridge between different ethnicities and races for a healthier school environment.
I have been in this school district since I started school ! I absolutely love the people who work in this district. I am so proud of them all!
Just by being involved I made memories that I can honestly say I’ll remember for a life time. If I had to reflect on my high school experience I would say some of my expectations were met and a lot weren’t. Camden is on there way to improvement I just wish it happened sooner. I truly did enjoy my time in high school the ups the downs. It has everything to do on how it shaped me into the person I am today.
Kershaw County is a great district for families who have lived in the suburbs their whole life or for families who want to have a quieter school and hometown experience. They just had a few of our schools re done and added many improvements to the schools. Our diversity is not all that well, granted that the people who are in this district are families who have been here for generations, but there is always someone you can connect with.
The school is overcrowded, I have had classes with over 30 students many times before. However, the school has recently been renovated so it looks nice and has drastically changed their security to make it safer for the students.
As a parent of multiple children in Kershaw County I could not be happier with the environment my children are in everyday. The teachers have been nothing less than wonderful and care deeply for each student and work with each child to better themselves in both academics as well as in their daily lives. We love KCSD!
Overall, the experience has been very good. There are some areas that could be improved on such as some of the courses offered. My children will be somewhat prepared for college when thy graduate, but there are some courses that they have not been encouraged to take, such as physics, that would be very beneficial to them.
This district is very important to me, because it helped me grow much farther than I could have ever expected. My grades improved tremendously, i've learned to have a family there my friends, teachers, coaches. If anything were to change I would ask for the food to.
Kershaw county is a very nice district, the only thing I would alter is the opportunities for the arts. There should be more music classes.
I enjoyed KCSD. The staff were all nice, helpful, and passionate about ensuring the students received a great education.
As a student attending Lugoff-Elgin high school in Kershaw County, I believe that the school excels in creating a safe environment, culturally diverse classes, hiring experienced teachers, and keeping the campus safe. Although this district is exceeds the expectations in these categories, they lack in a variety of activities as well as healthy food and updated facilities.
I liked the small tight-knit community. Although I was not prepared academically for college. The science teachers at CHS were poor. Any teachers that were actually good ended up leaving for a better job.
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I feel like I was educated very well and that I am ready for college. Kershaw county schools have provided me with a quality education and they also provided AP courses and college credit for taking classes at a local community college if the students were interested.
My overall experience in the the Kershaw County School District was great. Some of the best teachers I have ever encountered have come from Kershaw. The facilities were good compared to the population and money put into the schools. The academics were not bad but other than AP classes, they somewhat failed to prepare me for college level courses.
The Kershaw County School District made a big difference in my education. I received a lot of opportunities.
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