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Kerrville Independent School District Reviews

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Overall I think it's a good environment. The teachers are very invested in their students education.
I like that Kerrville Independent School District was involved with the community and the school itself and with students. I also like the fact that the district was having schools get more advanced classes so that students could learn college courses in high school and be prepared for them when they actually do get ready for college. I would like for the district to have current textbooks and technology available for students because it makes the learning process more modern and up to speed for the students. Otherwise I think the district has done a great job and I was proud to be a student from Kerrville Independent School District. And now I am a soon-to-be College sophomore.
My experiences with this school district were mostly positive. There is a broad range of students and staff who for the most part were helpful to me.
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Being apart of Kerrville Independent School District is about the same as any other. One change that I would like to see is the importance of the fine arts department to be just as important as the athletic department.
My experience with the Kerrville Independent school district was pretty great because it was always really helpful and encouraging. The district always provided the resources necessary to allow me to succeed, and they were very helpful since all the instructors were there to encouraged us.
In elementary school, I went to a smaller school closer to my home in Hunt. I moved to Kerrville for 6th grade and continued onto Tivy high school. It was one of the first big changes I had to endure and ended up bringing me out of my shell. The academics proved better than surrounding schools and I was able to gain knowledge while also being active with sports, which harbored a lot school spirit within the student body. Cheating was a bigger problem than it should have been and could've been handled differently or a bit harsher than it was. Besides a couple of arguable grades that every student encounters, Tivy was the right choice for me and I would not have gone anywhere else if I had the choice.
I liked how the schools were not so large so the teachers were able to focus more on the students on a personal level.
Outdated policies where STAAR testing is the standard and the focus. Bar set low; pressure on principals for STAAR only. No new ideas or 21st century learning. Most strong teachers moved to other districts. HOping things get better with new Superintendent.
Principals at Tivy High School were great, and location was good. I feel as though I got a good education.
As my experience in Tivy High School is coming to an end; I would like to say that it has its good moments and bad. Coming into Tivy, I was apart extracurricular activities freashman year. Living the High School life was going by. I was a trainer for 3 years til the new head coach came and treated certain people like garbage. I was also apart of the softball team for the school. I put as much or even more work into making the team great but junior year came and I was cut because I didn't have any more "potential". It's okay for me because that just fused the goal that I shall reach. The administration told me I could go to this school because im not smart enough for that college. Well I'll show them that I will achieve my goals in the long run and I hope that they can help the under class when they couldn't for me.
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