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Kern Union High School District Reviews

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Kern High school district is a good district because the staff really help. If you have any questions academically or personally, you can count on the staff to help guide you. Not only that, but students are pushed to their absolute best academically. We have a very diverse district that offer many clubs and sports.
What I really like about the kern union high school district the most is the diversity. There’s so many people that meet from different backgrounds and the teachers are really supporting too. I feel really comfortable at school but would love if they changed the school food up. Cleaner restrooms would also be another change!
Going to school in Kern Union High School District gave me many opportunities for growth. With options in what I wanted to learn and the resources to help me go in any direction I chose, as well as supportive staff offering advice and counseling for any issues along the way.
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I cam into the Kern Union High School student as a freahman and I was not like I am right now. Meaning that I am not as out going, involved, or well spoken like I an now. West high school home of the Vikings has shown me that you can be any size,color, sexual orientation and still do what you want. I really respect my school because of that. What i also like about my school is that its teachers are very involved in our education. Every staff at West has been nothing but generous and kind to anyone and everyone. For example, i talk to one ladies that help prepare the schools lunch about my education and just about school in general and i stop going to her. The third day i didn't go to her so showed up in my third period class and had a talk with me. Just checking up on me and making sure that nothing had happened to me. It has been a while since i had a person out of my family show me how important I am to them in a long time. And that is mosg of the staff at West
The culture within my school is ever-changing and my senior class has been pretty positive that you see reflect on our school. I would like to see the rest of the incoming senior classes to be better than the last.
Almost everyone I have encountered at Kern Union High School District has been very pleasant and ready to help ease my concerns. They are very supportive and look forward to the success of the students. The people working there take pleasure in answering any questions my mom and I may have.
The free lunch was one of the best things for everyone because not a lot of people have money to feed them selves or family too feed them. Another was the free education because like I said parents can afford it.
It’s the best, the reason why is it’s near town and I can travel to any other school in the district to go see the games, meet other students, and do SAT test or summer school. In my experience I was able to learn a lot in my study’s and meet pretty cool people, & the teachers really did teach. Plus I felt a bond between the teachers, I felt like if I needed help on the subject they got me, also in question that I personally had. I feel like that I’m not judged because in school I may sometimes ask a dumb question and the teacher would just explain why or why not it is possible or why it won’t work. That help me to develop and learn the skills that I now have to proceed in my study’s, and find my place in the work force.
-Thank you
It was good, I just wish they would get on top of the lazy teachers and that we would get more funding.
They do not pay their teachers or staff enough which is probably why the morale is so low, it is as if no one cares anymore.
I have felt supported and heard by teachers and administration whenever an issue or concern was presented.
I would like my district to change in many ways. I think the number one thing the schools must change is the food. Nobody ends up eating it and 60% ends up going in the trash! Secondly, the teachers in our district, though there are some good ones, there are ones there only for the money. In sports, gender-equality is not great, with no teams for girls in football and other sports. I also feel we must renovate the whole school. Everything is old and falling apart, the bathrooms have cracks, the classrooms are tiny, and the cafeteria is a madhouse.
I've had an amazing experience at Liberty High School, in the Kern High School district. I feel that I've been given all the tools to succeed in college and I had a few very impactful teachers that have influenced me and helped me realize my potential and talents.
I really enjoyed the whole community in my time going to school in this district. Majority of my resources i have come in contact with have come from spending my time in the Kern High district. They have been extremely helpful with my future education and career choice.
Kern Union High School District is a bias School district. Other schools within my district have new facilities, staff, and resources. While my high school (Foothill High School) in a high minority area have a mostly unmotivated staff, our facilities from the original school construction still stand. Some facilities are unsafe containing snakes, spiders, rats, unattended construction equipment such as nails, broken floor boards, and chairs. The school has minimal high academic courses, minimal diversity, very few clubs and activities, and underfunded sports. I as a Foothill high senior am in regret in participating in a mediocre high school. As a freshman I was uninformed of my college resources. As do my peers feel now during our senior year.
I liked how Kern High School District was very adaptable to the students needs. I also liked how KHSD would help guide the students through life while considering their needs and desires along the way. Overall the teachers and staff are very understanding and will work with you.
Amazing staff and teachers did excellent work preparing students for college and creating a path to the students future.
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I believe in a well rounded education including extra curriculars. The exact high school I attended seemed to skip through the cracks of school spirit and faulty motivation.
I went to Centennial High School and was able to not only get involved in various activities such as clubs, sports, and ASB but I was also able to maintain a GPA of 3.5+. The teachers I had were very supportive and kind. They challenged me to do my best and were very helpful whenever I was stressed out or dealing with a trial in my life.
I regret not being invloved in much activities, but the activities that were there for us were great. Most of the teachers were nice and encouraging. I wish to go back and restart my four years as a student there again. The neighborhood around the school wasn’t so great but when things happened the teachers and administrators responded quick to everything and always made sure all students were safe. Coaches should just try a little harder to get students to join sports and activities to be involved and have something to remember about their high school years. Overall my experience was great.
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