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Kermit Independent School District Reviews

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Kermit has the potential that be a great school there are very intelligent students and tremendous athletes. The only thing that hold everyone back is them selves, they show low amounts of effort. I believe the ball needs to get rolling in all areas and the rest would be history. In other words it would be the effect of what is known as the snowball effect.
First of all, my overall experience while going to Kermit Independent School District was rated poor because they are unorganized and the staff are very unprofessional. I have had several witness accounts of the staff losses things that are important, for example, a copy of my shot record, which I was not allow to go to school without, was just gone; no record of it anywhere. The staff is very unprofessional they bring their personal lives into the classrooms daily. They talk gossip with the students and even pick fights with them, which is highly inappropriate. The whole school system just seems to want money; within the last year lunch prices have nearly double to $4.00, and the buses were removed.
This campus is very biased. If the student has not been here for long they will be excluded by students and teachers. You will find a few teachers who are fair no matter what, but a lot of them are judgmental and biased.
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My experience at Kermit High school has not been the best! I have encountered a number of problems and the administration here does nothing about it. The class sizes are small, meaning you should learn more, however that is not the case. I have been here since I was a freshman and I do not feel like this school has prepared me for college. I have taught my self the skills needed to be successful.
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