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Though I didn't personal enjoy itthere, I still had fun. They support the students so much as well as helping Senior with collge readiness.
The teachers really do care about your education & they offer a wide variety of classes. The principal is extremely nice and will work with you and your parents with anything you need. I definitely recommend this school.
Kerman High was a great experience it wasn't always perfect but wouldn't change it for anything. Great community and school culture, teachers are really involved and care. Love the school spirit I joined a lot of different sports and it was very fun.
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It's a very unified school district. The community always comes together and families are very involved with their child's school activities/ grades due to the technological resources which the administration makes available to the students. The principal has a Google Classroom where she shares the daily bulletin with the whole school to be sure that everyone is well aware of what is occurring. They also provide students with many programs to further their career: Leadership classes, college courses, and a new medical class is now being made available. Sports are also a big part of this school and it is amazing to see how many students come together to cheer on their peers, everyone in a while we have red/white or back outs and students and faculty all participate and show great school spirit. A really great place which enforces rules yet makes learning and interacting with others a great experience!
Kerman Unified is a small district that works to its strengths. It has the feeling of real interpersonal relationships between students and teachers/administrators/etc and that is mainly what makes it great.
This school is alright. Not too much to talk about but it’s usually calm. Nothing new ever really happens it’s just your average school
I like kerman high because the people here are so cool and helpful, if you need help they bring her abilities for you. Teachers are so good teaching, funny, helpful, kind, etc.
The Kerman School District is definitely one of the best districts in the Fresno area. Parents are involved in the district which is favorable for the students since they want every student to have to opportunity to succeed in life. Counselors offer great help when researching and applying for college and offers great advice for students. The school community is diverse mainly dominated by Hispanics and Whites. Sports are very competitive and coaches are great individuals who encourage students to be not only better players, but also individuals. They prepare you to integrate society.
I have been in the school district since I was in kindergarten and have never had an issue with the environment on any of the campuses. The offered courses are very diverse and can be challenging when looking for the advanced courses. The teachers are helpful, and critical in order to get the best out of their students. The clubs offered are so diverse to different interests, languages and even ethnicities. This is a school district I'm proud to have been educated in.
I liked the small-town feel. In Kerman everybody knows each other. You really get to know you're classmates as well as your teachers. I felt very comfortable attending school there. I never encountered or had to deal with any type of bullying. One thing I will say is due to families that have graduated from that same high school and have kids attending there have some sort of privilege over others. There was a lot of favoritism, especially in the athletic departments. However, academic and athletic talent are recognized very often myself being included in the academic side.
Kerman Unified School District overall has been one of the most involved schools and communities I've seen. Staffs communicate with students and show that they do care about them. Counselors at Kerman High School are involved with all of their students, they check up on them and call them in when students are lacking on grades or call them in to help them get prepared for college. Kerman Unified has the most involved students in the community we all get together to help each other and support one another. Teachers help students by using their time to stay in for lunch and after school for tutoring. Many of the teachers have higher expectations for the students which is a good thing because the higher the expectations the more ready the students are for college. The Principal and Vice Principal are involved in school activities and talk to students when they run into them during break. Kerman Unified School District has given me the best experience. I wouldn't change a thing.
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