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Keokuk Community School District Reviews

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I had a relatively positive experience at this school. The facilities are nice and most of the teachers do their jobs well.
All of the teachers are super nice and help you through class. They give you chances to come and they will help you after school on assignments you don't understand. It has helped me a lot.
So much emphasis put on academic achievement. Our show choir worked so hard for 5 years and accomplished a top 10 National ranking (7), 4 years in a row we won 3 separate competitions plus went undefeated 2 years in a row. Those of us that we're just in show choir but no other sports found it hard to apply for alot if the local scolarships because they are sports oriented. Would be nice to be included in the selection.
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The Keokuk Community School District, is a district that wants to see students succeed, no matter what. They view all students on the same level, wealthy or poor, they want everyone to succeed. I think that's very important. Not only do the teachers put in the time and effort into the students, but every worker in the school pushes the students. From Pre-K to 12th grade I was push to do great things.
I think that Keokuk High School has drastically improved over the past few years both academically and attendance wise. Kids are getting more involved in extracurriculars and eligibility policies have been altered and reinforced. I'm proud to say that I will be graduating from this school.
There are some awesome teachers in this district. The high school has improved in the last few years overall.
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