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Kentwood schools are what you make them. There are a lot of different classes, clubs, and athletic opportunities at all levels. Those that participate are ready for the "real world" once they graduate. I have been disappointed how few parents are engaged in the clubs, so the teachers and volunteers pick up the slack.
I am currently a senior and East Kentwood High School. I can honestly say I have had a great high school experience. I am current actively involved in the music program - Marching Band, Jazz Band and Symphonic Band. I am one of the original members of Model UN Club and am on the Wrestling team. Throughout my years at EK I have been blessed to have some of the most inspiring and encouraging teachers that has helped motivate and challenge me to become a better student and aspire to reach my personal and academic goals.
The quality of education is very good. After attending KPS since elementary school I found myself very prepared for AP and Dual Enrollment classes that are offered in the high school. The athletic facilities are very nice and kept up to date. One issue with the schools that many outsiders don't know is how often the ceilings leak, in several areas, and how many bathroom stall doors are nonfunctional. Another positive would be the teachers are generally high educated, as many have masters degrees, and they always have good interactions with students. Also, there is so many clubs one wouldn't want to count them; everything from vegan club to salmon club to chess club and more!
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Kentwood Public Schools offers a plethora of different routes for students and their family/community to go down. There are well-developed musical, arts, athletic, volunteer, and academic programs and opportunities for all students.

With over 600 students per graduating class, those who attend Kentwood Public Schools are exposed to every single kind of person out there, whether it is people of different nationalities, economic backgrounds, passions/talents, or LGBTQ status. Students and staff are well trained in social skills and can work together with any kind of person because of it.
I absolutely love the diversity that is seen around every corner of the school. Having someone from a different culture or background is truly a learning experience. It has taught me how to work better with students who are not of my ethnicity and have different ideals in life.

Additionally, all of the AP (Advanced Placement) classes provide a challenge to those who are up for taking a mini-college course during the school year. The classes provide a better sense of what college is like and prepares those who take the class with a sense of belonging amongst each other. Everyone struggles and these courses and teachers provide the challenge needed to excel not only in the class but, life as well.
I have been moving from school to school for years and I believe that the Kent wood schools are my best experience so far. The only issue I have with them is the food that’s all.
What I love about KPS is their huge diversity. They are the most diverse school district in the state of Michigan and the 4th most diverse in the country. Nearly all the high school teachers really care about their student's success and are more than willing to help with college. There are also several programs as well a college advisory to help.
Wonderful schools. Great diversity! Amazing music and sport programs. A blue ribbon school! Wonderful teachers and students. The best years of my life. Had me ready for college and wanting to help out in the community. There is nothing you cant achieve here.
I grew up here. Though some of my experiences were not the best, I loved what I learned and how I learned it, and when I have children and if I still live here, I will happily send them to these schools!
Overall KPS was good to me like in many public school system there are good and bad. Kentwood had more good than bad
As one of the most diverse schools in the country, KPS offers the most AP courses out of all districts within Michigan, and excels in preparing kids to what it's like in the real life. Such a large district offers kids the opportunity to meet many new people and for sure find a place where they fit in.
Really great, fun, and diverse place to be! I love the teachers and administration! Great athletic facilities and an outstanding fine arts program! Everyone is helpful and friendly. One of the best school districts in west michigan.
My son is in Kindergarten and our experience thus far has been very positive. They are very organized and my son is already learning to read.
Easy to use, but some scholarships seems like they are more advertisements than actual scholarships.
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