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Kenton County schools highly encourage public safety for children and I think it is great to ensure that the children and staff are safe. I work in the office with some of the administration and they are always on top of situations and so friendly to students, they really make me feel safe and are reliable. Kenton County does a great job incorporating students into programs and getting their opinion on certain situations. I love my school and school district and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Everyone is like family to me and I can always come to them when I have a problem.
My experience is about okay. It's not too bad, but also not too good either. I went to Dixie Heights High School, which I can't say other opinions for the other high schools within the Kenton County Disctrict
I’ve been at DHHS since the start of high school. And I just feel like they make it hard to succeed. I have four forms of anxiety and I have depression as well. I’ve had three surgeries and there attendance policy isn’t exactly helpful. It’s a difficult school and I used to love it here. But now I just hate going.
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Considering I've only been to this one high school, my experience is biased. Most of the teachers were helpful and intelligent. Everyone was smiling and nice all the time.
Overall, I am very satisfied with Kenton County. The only thing that disappoints me is some of their coaching staff and central offices lack of action toward complaints.
The teachers are incredible, they always care about their students and want them to do amazing things. Classes, however, are limited. From subject, to speed, to specialty there aren't many to go around.
I have had a great high school experience. It seems like it has flown by way to fast. I've been fortunate to have great teachers every year. I know I have made life long relationships with some of my teachers. Also the counselors are very willing to help and give us all we need to apply for college and scholarships.
Kenton County Public Schools provide excellent opportunities for students to prepare for college. The teachers are supportive and do their job well. Their are numerous clubs and activities available for students. Sports are a major part of student culture in school, and the resources available for them show it. The facilities are clean and safe enough to be usable. The student body is not diverse, but that is indicative of the entire area anyways. A student in this school district will not feel intimidated or threatened as bullying is very low.
Simon Kenton High School has great teachers and multiple clubs for all students. The councilors are great at taking care of their students. Kenton County of Innovation and Technology has great opportunities for any students future. They specialize in Engineering , Computer Science , Future Educators , Biomedical Sciences , and Jroct. Taking your future career choice in mind they set up different ambassador programs for companies to come into the building and educate us about them. They also help set you up with internships of your liking.
It was a goon experience but I really wish it was more safe and a lot more upbeat and not as negative sometimes.
I liked how the teachers and the staff communicated with the students. They really cared about us as students.
I grew up in the Kenton County Schools District. The people who work for them, are the nicest people around and want to get to know the student as a person and not based on a test score, which is really nice. I would like to see the community more involved though.
I am a Sophomore and so far my experience has been an okay one, could need improvement but only second year.
The Kenton County School District is a well organized district. If you have any problems they will work to resolve them as fast as they can. When tragedy strikes, we all come to as a family, and support everyone who is suffering.
They have good education programs I would just suggest better and not as fresh teachers sometimes. I like the set up of classes and how easy it was to make friends in middle school but I would suggest better transition from high school to college.
Kenton County has a lot of opportunities for students who are willing to advocate for themselves, including advanced placement courses and college classes. However, some staff members to not put as much care in their work as educators should, and the district's general education standards are very low.
I have been attending school in Kenton County for 13 years now. Over the years I have encountered the most amazing and dedicated teachers and staff. Several of them have inspired me individually and kept me motivated me in my education. Each school is so individualized, spirited, and proud allowing students to love where they are. Whether it is the community or the friends I have made over the years but Kenton County has made me the person that I am. I owe my success to them as I have never been left behind, no matter the number of students. I can look back today and proudly call myself a bruin, jaguar, and pioneer.
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More parent involvement needed Need Better teacher/administration relationships with students. Teachers ignore much of the negative behavior of students. Parents are not greeted and encouraged to be involved .
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