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The teachers are very helpful and you can tell they really want the students to learn. They also help understand college and how read to be for it. They also help prepare you for the next great big adventure called life.
Its all about sports! Art, band, choir all take a major backseat to sports! It's really sad. All students aren't sports addicts! Also, when you try to correct something for an IEP student, psychologist, administration, counselors, and teachers try to convince you what can be done...but the organization that represents IEP rights will tell you different and guide you. This does not make the school staff listed above happy.
I have gone to Kenton City Schools my whole life. We have wonderful teachers, and most of the kids are well behaved. I would just like to see the counselors pushing kids to go to college more than what they are.
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While attending school at the Kenton City School District, I had an overall pleasant experience. Attending school there from kindergarten through twelfth grade allowed me to get the chance to see teachers move up through schools and change positions. The teachers helped us grow together with our classmates and encouraged us to take college classes. There were several clubs and activities, though a couple seemed to take more importance than others. I would like to see equal importance placed on sports and clubs and more room for self expression such as allowing different hair color.
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