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School has too many financial issues that impact the students and teachers. Too many good teachers have left the district due to these problems.
I attended K-12 during a time of intense change. Technology programs were being introduced and administration was constantly changing.
It became almost comical. The chaos that erupted over new rules and regulations replacing the previous set nearly every year. New teachers were being hired left and right. The schools I went to seemed disorderly, and that only took more away from the confused students.
Despite all the chaos, many teachers and staff still seemed to care that we students graduated. So, all in all, it could have been worse.
The Kent School District is a department that truly cares about the students who are part of the Kent community. The superintendent, Calvin Watts, creates the time to visit schools throughout the district meeting students and staff. Through his actions, he shows that he genuinely cares for us because of how he engages with the students and talks with the staff. As a whole, the district is undoubtedly attentive, takes into consideration our concerns, and makes sure that they are fully met. The Kent School District is one of the best districts in Washington, even though they were in debt, they were able to jump right back up and make a fair deal with the teachers to make their goals met of better pay. Overall, the Kent School District is an incredible facility! That ensures the safety of all students and staff members, and that is why I am proud to be part of the Kent School District.
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The Kent School district gives a very good opportunity for students to interact and grow with the community and to learn how to apply technology into their lives.
Something I am very appreciative for the Kent School District is their willingness to pay for every student to do the SAT. Not only did they pay for the $75 SAT with essay, but it was hosted at the school itself which was very convenient. Something I would change would be teacher wages. They are willing to raise theirs but not other teachers like at Kent Meridian High School.
Sitll needed to improve.ME School visited our education center at Curious Kid and I must say, they were very well behaved when handling our animals, they listened to all the teachers instructions diligently, and there English was excellent! The teachers too were kind, supportive and clearly respected by the kids. Well done ME School, you are educating the kids with excellent standards!ME School visited our education center at Curious Kid and I must say, they were very well behaved when handling our animals, they listened to all the teachers instructions diligently, and there English was excellent! The teachers too were kind, supportive and clearly respected by the kids. Well done ME School, you are educating the kids with excellent standards!
My experience in the Kent school district was really good. The high school I’m at right now is Kent meridian and two of my three Siblings graduated from there and I’ll be graduating in 2019 form Kent meridian. The Kent school district would always plan ahead of time and would always let my parents know if something was coming up. They would always involve your parents no matter what was going on. Also What I liked about the school district is that they would help you and do whatever it takes for you to graduate. They only took the best out of the best teachers they could get and every teacher there wanted the best for you. So Kent school district is a really good district!
is all right, i don have experience else where to compare. So im assuming its the same for everyone else as well
It was a huge change from the start. It was at first ghetto but then it has simmered down and become a better environment to be in since i started here freshman year. I've been in the KSD my whole life and have seen a lot of improvements.
It was fine up until high school. KM is the most impoverished school of the entire district and it was clear that they barely did anything to fix up the school, the food, or the academics. Students didn't care about graduating.
The horrible district leadership, superintendent and school board have bankrupted the district and run it into the ground! Quality teachers and building administrators are fleeing in droves!
The Kent School District is full of many wonderful teachers and administrators who value the students attending each school. The school staffs show students that they care about wanting them to succeed in both academics and sports. In my time at Kentwood I have noticed the support that the students and the teachers give to the athletes and the scholars.
Its honestly been a great experience being a student at kent. Its a very diverse place. I'm glad to have been a student here. Its a cool place filled with so many people from so many different backgrounds.
Kent School District is overall just okay. They care more about academics and sports than anything which is fine. Howvere, they seem to keep cutting the only things students really enjoy about school such as art programs and after school activities. Also they really need to learn how to budget.
i loved the staff & the school in general, however i wasn’t involved as i should have been so it made my experience a little less enjoyable. So my high school experience was average but it was my own fault, & not because kentridge wasn’t a good school
My experience in the Kent School District has been good. The teachers are wonderful, they make sure to prepare you for college and the student body is diverse and welcoming
I am new to the Kent school district. It so far has shown signs of great academics throughout its students, but lacks involvement. Involvement by teachers and students seems forced and unnecessary for the schools. Also, low budget and funding have pushed teachers away due to the district not being able to afford them. This will surely trickle down as students connect to teachers and grow relationships. With this all teachers have a different background to bring. without these teachers the students will surely lose moral.
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Academically they excel on most levels, but the environment and vibe may not be the most welcoming. Some great memories were made there, but also some hard lessons were learned here as well.
Overall, I liked the Kent School District. This year we have experienced a lot of changes because we went into so much debt and we had to cut a lot of the district provided things like teachers, administrators, buses, electives because we didn't have enough teachers. We have a lot of diversity within our district so it's nice to meet new people. One thing about it that the boundaries are so weird to determine what school you go to. There are some people that go to my school that live 20 minutes away and are closer to two other high schools, but because of the boundaries, they have to go to the school their were assigned to. It's kind of hard for students to get involved with their school when they live far away and don't have the transportation.
Kentridge High School is a very diverse school with a cultural environment. The school is very accepting to all races and it has an open minded view on it's students. Kentridge strictly follows and enforces the "KR Way" model that ensures every student to spread kindness and responsibility.
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