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The school itself is very welcoming. No matter who you are, kids and teachers will go out of their way to say hello or to try and put a smile on your face. It truly fells like you're at home.
I would like the food to change, maybe more study groups available around campus. I would also like to see the diversity increase. When it comes to homework, maybe a little less because we all have tons of classes who just don't understand.
The schools are very welcoming. The schools are very clean, safe, and organized. They also have great access to RTA transportation.
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Loved the career tech initiative 'Athletic Health Care & Fitness'. many of the days that felt dreadful were quickly revitalized when i showed up for classes everyday. Sport culture and family attendance tradition within school and sports at kent. If you grew up in kent you went to kent and if you lived in kent you would either went to kent state or kent's high school.
I love living within this district. It has so much to offer for every age from the schools themselves to downtown Kent with its food and liveliness of its inhabitants.
The Kent State Campus is amazing and everyone should visit it at least once in their lives. There's plenty of fun and amazing people to meet and hang out with on a regular basis. Not to mention the food and the different resturaunts that are within the area.
Made sure that we had the resources, and support to succeed in school. While at the same time, keeping us safe.
The teachers are great individuals who often truly care about the kids. They allow a great deal of personal expression to a point as well, which many find refreshing. There is no weighted GPA and some classes push their students past the level they are intended or fall behind on curriculum, which can be a big drawback for hardworking students who want to keep a high GPA for scholarships and testing.
I did not like too much of anything about the school, most students are racist and rude. My teachers did not care for the students, maybe just two out of about 10.
Kent high school was a good experience. The teachers the past 4 years were very helpful and understanding to situation that may occur. This school wants to see you graduate and will help you do so.
I love how the teachers treat everyone fair and with respect. We are students and not just numbers. The faculty reaches out to help students succeed and encourages us to be involved in clubs and activities.
I liked this school because of the opportunity it gave me to go to Kent State University as a senior for free. The education system there is very high-ranking. Of all the teachers I had during my four years there, I cannot think of one in which I had a bad experience with. Although the high school itself could use a little renovating, everyone is great.
I personally loved my experience at Kent State. It took a while to get adjusted, but once I broke out of my shell I began to find external resources and get involved. I had access to great mentor and tutors as well. As far as my academic success this is a great school. I joined many organizations and joined programs to connect with other minority students which was very beneficial in the long run. My only complaint lies in the food. There are not many options and you get sick of the menu very quickly.
Its a quality school district that successfully educates its students as well as being an integral part of the community.
Kent City Schools is providing both of our daughters with a well rounded education. They have both been involved in our wonderful choir and band programs. Certain areas of the sports program could be stronger.
My experience had both bad and good experiences. I really enjoyed getting involved with band. My favorite opportunity was the Silent Auction, raising money for the senior prom last year. The worst experiences have to be how disrespectful some kids are. Every time I heard something degrading, it really affected my day negatively. I am very thankful however, for how much my guidance counselor helped me with college readiness, I wasn't simply a number.
My experience at Kent school District was a good one. There are some things that could be improved like the diversity at the school and funding for the fine arts programs
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I love how connected the community is. Across all ages, from elementary to high school there is definitely a common passion for the community. The Kent City School District is Excellent!
I am a resident of Kent, Ohio and they have a great school district. I am very happy to be part of the Kent School District community.
The Kent City School District is a great, quiet area for families with children. it's not incredibly condensed with traffic and easy to get maneuver through. The university has a large, beautiful campus, and the university itself has great faculty and a reasonable course load.
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