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Kent City Community Schools Reviews

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I’m an exchange student in Kent city high school this year. The teachers and office workers have been so kind to me. The school principal is a great man, kind and very close to his students.
I liked that you could take college courses through grcc and that the teachers actually cared about how you were doing and what they could do to make thing better for you and for everyone else around you. The administration was always very on top of things and were always wanting to improve. Not only did I go to Kent city for my whole life, but I’ve lived in the small town for my whole life. The people that I got the opportunity to meet over my whole 18 years of life have made me who I am today. You don’t realize how much people have such a impact on you as a person. That’s why I enjoyed Kent city as a whole all together.
It was a wonderful experience! A very friendly, helpful environment! I would recommend this school for how self-efficient the schools are. You are guaranteed to get the best help you're looking for! It has some down falls, but every school does! You'll enjoy some cheesy fries at football games, and enjoy the embedded school spirit that seeps through the halls. The principal of the high school is the most energetic, positive principal I've ever met. He defies all stereotypes! You will walk the halls and be reminded that it's always a great day to be an eagle, and that will feel heart warming to any student who attends. The counselor is the best yet. He will make sure you leave his office satisfied, and you will truly feel helped and appreciated.
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Kent City is a very tight knit community that values their students and athletics. Kent City goes great strides to ensure their students receive the education and support they deserve.
My experience with Kent City community schools wasn't all bad I've made some really good memories. I did learn a lot in school but I did struggle in math a lot and my math teacher didn't really help me even if I stayed after so that is one thing I wish I could change.
Too many teachers were coaches, and they put their sport first instead of education. A teacher would play movies that had nothing to with the class at all, which wasted time. Not enough academic clubs. No tutoring of any kind. There were not many classes offered in person, majority were online. Information was not shared well with the WHOLE student body.
I went to Kent City all my life. The teachers that I had were great and really cared about the student's success.
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