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My experience was overall very good. In general, the teachers were nice and always willing to help when I didn’t understand a topic. However, I do think that the administration could do stricter evaluations on teachers to ensure that they are actually doing their job. I really like that they are continually trying to update the facility itself.
I have taken gifted classes since third grade and this roughly enjoyed the experience. The teachers do not overload us with busy work or essays all day, yet they manage to challenge us almost every day.
As someone who moved into the school district right before high school, I feel that Kenston does a pretty good job of ensuring that their students have all kinds of opportunities, whether they be academic-related, sport-related, or something else such as music or clubs. One thing I would like to see change is a bit more transparency in offered events, programs, etc. to ensure more awareness among students with regards to college planning, scholarships, etc. However I do feel adequately prepared for college-level work and do feel that the school genuinely looks out for their students' interests.
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The school really prepared each student for college and made sure they knew what to do. The guidance counselors and teachers made the road to college a very easy and fun path.
It is a good school district but the students are not great and are often spoiled rich brats because the district has a lot of money.
My experience attending Kenston Local Schools overall in the past 7 years has been eventful. I've made numerous friends and have gained relations regarding my peers. I've leaned many valuable lessons over the years which have been taught by my teachers. We have had some problems regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and weapons on campus but the school has made a recognizable attempt to limit any harm that will affect the students or the faculty. I am excited to expand my future, but will miss my high school experience.
Kenston Local School is a great system that has a wide range of activities from the arts to sports for all age levels. Improvements to the intermediate and middle schools woyld be beneficial to both the studenys and the community. The high has a beautiful auditorium that is used to feature the music department with chorus and band concerts as well as fall plays and spring musicals. A newly renovated main stadium is used very often by the commu ity and middle school/ high school teams of all varities.
Kenston Local School District is located in a small town. Their strong suits are the maths, sciences, and arts. The school is very resourceful and able to provide materials for the students in departments ranging from tech, arts, and sports. The community within Kenston helps lead kids to find what they want to do, an example would be, high school seniors are provided with an optional mentorship. The School provides a lot of diverse opportunities that some schools might not provide such as a variety of languages, clubs, and art classes which the faculty involved within these, help the students better prepare for college.
I have been at Kenston since I was in kindergarten. I am now a senior going to graduate. Kenston has provided me with challenging AP classes throughout high school, and I believe this will prepare me for college. My teachers overall have been great. If there was one thing I would change is having more students being involved in the school overall. There could be more school spirit and support.
I like that Kenston school district thrives to ensure their students all recieve an education and understand the material 100%. Very nice school
I went to Kenston my whole life, my sisters went to Kenston, my father and uncle went to Kenston. The school is interesting, but definitely prepares you for college. The teachers push you to try harder, and we are lucky enough to have great resources and a beautiful school, with a windmill!
The students are very preppy but the education is amazing! After being in this district since preschool, I can gladly say that my education is above other districts. We are very prepared for college and most of us do very well. If you went in a good student you come out even better!
Kenston high school has been a great experience for me throughout the past 4 years. The school has offered so many amazing experiences to become apart of. This school truly values the arts which is something that is extremely important to many students attending. Students here are willing and ready to learn.
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