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I switched to Kenowa Hills Public Schools during my sophomore year. I really enjoy it more than my previous school. I have felt more motivated to do my school work and focus harder on sports. I have also made a lot of great friendships and relationships with my teachers.
Having taken part in several leadership roles at Kenowa Hills High School, I believe that the district excels with student voice. The board, the principal, and the teachers genuinely care about the student's concerns. This creates a very open and comfortable environment. Go, knights!
I enjoyed attending Kenowa Hills. I love the environment that surrounds you while you're at school. They have great, helpful teachers all the way from the elementary schools, to the high school. The one thing I would change about Kenowa Hills is the athletic coaches.
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I was enrolled in Kenowa Hills for all of my educational years, from preschool until senior year. I was in the Middle College Program, which is when you take college classes your junior and senior year and end up obtaining an associates degree by your "13th year" and all of the college credits are paid for by Kenowa. Although this program has so far been a great advancement, there were many times where the Kenowa Hills side of the program was unsure of what exactly was happening. Although, the program was still relatively new when I joined it, I felt as though Kenowa could have communicated better not only with the college, but also with the students in the program. Besides the miscommunication, I am very grateful for all that Kenowa has blessed me with; the opportunities, the friendships and the memories will be with me for a life time.
My experience going to Kenowa Hills High School was awesome. The teachers are very caring and help you as much as possible when your struggling with classes. And they also have your best interest at heart on how your doing in your classes or in school overall.
I have had some wonderful teachers over the years that really seem to care about my success. Students work at their own pace, allowing them to excel. I had the privilege of being part of a cheer team, starting in grade school. And I have made some friends that I see being lifelong.
Most teachers were great and interested in you and your learning outcome . The learning environment helped me to stay on track and focused. Many extra activities to involved in.
Kenowa Hills is a decent school. One of their highlights is they offer a variety of sports and extracurricular activities for students. The student body overall has grown in diversity over the years. There are many teachers there who genuinely care about their student's success. Some of their learning programs however are not very effective and had poor implementation. Hopeful in the future they will improve these programs or simply get rid of them in favor of better ones. The school environment is very involved and I definitely feel a sense of security and safety while I am there. I do not really care for the food that is offered there due to the many nationwide requirements about nutrition.
The teachers are amazing. Caring, smart, and willing to go the extra mile for the students. Lots of opportunity to learn in various ways. Many activities outside of the classroom as well. STEM programs now at all levels.
I love the teachers of Kenowa Hills High School, and their commitment to helping every single student grow. I also love the theater program, which I have been a part of for four years. It would be nice if the school could be more diverse, and if the lunch could have more options for vegetarians/vegans. The counselors are also sometimes lacking, in that they take a long time to communicate and don't always give you all the options. But the teachers really make it all worth it.
My experience with Kenowa Hills Public Schools has been average between good and bad. 10th grade year I decided to do homebound which is an online schooling for the end of the second semester. I ended up having to retake Chemistry and Geometry because the teachers said it would be to hard to catch up or they just thought I needed to be in class to learn it. Soccer program for girls is alright but at the same time nobody at Kenowa that is a girl really wants to participate in soccer even if we try to group girls in. Also counseling office just to get help in student services for classes such as extra help other than afterschool tutoring not being able to be provided to us students.
I love the community that the district has. The new leadership and facilities will bring a new life to the school.
I did not enjoy my time with this school. I made a few good friends and that is what got me through.
I have attended Kenowa Hills Public schools since elementary school. My experience at Kenowa Hills has been truly inspiring. The faculty here works hard to make sure every single student succeeds and graduates on time. Kenowa Hills never failed to constantly change to make the school a better place. We recently added a new program called the Journey to Excellence. Where all of our tests count as 90% and quizzes and homework count as 10%. With this new program students are allowed to work ahead of teacher pace if wanted or can work with teacher pace while a little behind. Although Kenowa is still trying to work out the problems in this program it has helped students focus more and work harder in classes.
I had a wonderful experience as a student at Kenowa Hills Public Schools. They offer many courses and tailor the education they provide individually to each student. I don't have anything to suggest for change.
I personally love Kenowa Hills. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school, and the atmosphere is pretty amazing. My favorite part about Kenowa Hills is the band program. When I joined band, I was welcomed into a family. The teachers are great, they are always willing to help students further their education. One thing I would like to see changed is certain AP classes. Some of the teachers tend to assume that since the class is a "college class" we will be able to teach ourselves with some guidance along the way. Other than that, I love Kenowa Hills and I highly recommend it.
Kenowa Hills is a school in Walker, Michigan that strives for excellence. While I was in highschool, many things changed. The biggest change was the switch over to J2X. Many of the students hated this new grading system. I liked it, but most of the teachers didn't follow all of the guidelines. Another thing about Kenowa Hills is the teachers. Half of them cared more than anything for the students, and the other half didn't care at all. I wouldn't trade my experience at Kenowa Hills for anything, but there are definitely some things that can be improved.
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I liked the variety of classes. I would like to change how the teachers teach. They really don't give an effort. It would enhance the student's high school experience.
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