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It is a fairly well ran system for your children with a good amount of options once you get into high school to begin what you want as a job. Administration could be better, and academics are no where near the best in the State. An above average district with plenty of opportunities for studying makes me happy that I was able to be apart of it.
I would like to see more diversity but the people in in this area are very helpful and nice. There is also a wide range of sports which I personal like because I like being active.
A solid school district with solid schools, teachers, and student body. I thoroughly enjoyed my time going through these schools, especially considering that many of the facilities are brand new and very well-kept. I'm sure my peers and classmates would agree!
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Helpful, friendly, compassionate, and encouragement. This can be used to describe the Kenosha School District and their staff!
My experience with Kenosha Unified School District was good. The rules were reasonable, lots of safety training, events for students to partake in (donations, job fairs, college campus tours), and I loved my school. The only issue I had was that complaints weren’t taken seriously. My school didn't have proper heating/A.C. and even though students/staff made that problem apparent for years, nothing was ever done. Similarly, students/staff had to use outdated, inoperable laptops that everyone complained about (again, for years), yet it took the district ‘til my Junior year to replace them.

I’m no stranger to the harsh realities of funding, but it came off as unfair to the students/staff attending/working at my school because other schools already had/were given those “luxuries”. In the future, I hope that the remaining problems (and any new ones that may arise) get taken more seriously and solved sooner so students/staff don't have to waste their time fighting about it.
I think everything’s great the way it is. The teacher’s are great and probably deserve more than what they get.
Kenosha Unified School district is very inclusive of all different types of people. There are many different clubs for everyone to get involve in. Kenosha Unified School District is very welcoming to transferring students and families.
My 6-year-experience in Kenosha Unified School District can be described as rich learning due to lessons learned along the way. Lack of funds, limited student and/or staff commitment, and a non beneficial location for some schools have all prevented the district from being as successful as it could be. Despite this, Kenosha Unified finds ways to make students feel like they are a part of a family with anti-bullying programs in place, student-enriching clubs/activities, a wide enough range of class choices, connections to exceptional, inspirational businesses/schools, and various safety policies. I appreciate these things and use the disadvantages of the district to my advantage, for I know that if I start taking steps for myself, I could inspire other students to do the same; I could increase the count of students changing for the better. I thank Kenosha Unified School District for everything it has taught me and for everything I have yet to teach myself because of their influence.
KUSD has successfully delivered a school experience but has seriously limited the potential of students at my school. We are constantly getting caught up by the limits and regulations KUSD that actually prevent further learning. For example, in one of my engineering classes we need to preform extensive research on products prior to us creating out own. The restrictions on web browsing make this near impossible. Students by high school are mature enough not to search rude things on the school computers and if the do administration can see who it is and punish them. This also holds true for more than just my engineering classes. Often we need to do extensive research for essays or reports and the free databases they provide just don't cut it. This lack of freedom heavily restricts learning and progress in high schools.
The thing I liked the most about the Kenosha School District is how the counselors make sure were ready for college. They stay engaged with us and make sure we are on top of our stuff. They also do their best job on making sure to turn the stuff in that we ask them to without hesitation. I also like the school spirit. Everyone seems to be all about their school and supports it with pride. Everyone is also involved with their school and does their best ability to maintain it's good reputation knowing that when they leave others are watching.
Kenosha school district has it's flaws but overall I've had pretty good schooling for the past years and would recomend certain schools to people. The teachers at the schools are eh, I've had some bad ones and some amazing ones. The schooling overall is pretty straightforward, It's school and you're expected to work hard and get work done and if you don't there are consequences which is how every school should be. One of its biggest flaws is how they handle conflicts and disagreements. The administration usually gets flustered and everything gets blown out of proportion. The diversity is very good there is a mixture of everyone and different cultures and it humbles people. Sports is huge, more so in highschool but middle schools have great sport programs to offer like volleyball camps and tennis classes. Girls can even join the football team which I think is great. Overall Kenosha school district is an average school with many great qualities and few flaws.
Overall my journey that I experienced with KUSD has been a marvolus journey. I love how involved everyone and events are with the city of kenosha. The district is very diverse with there supporting and their community. The environment with in families and students are extraordinary. Through the years I have attended the district There has been so many open opportunities for me. Although I think that my district should approve upon being more involved with others thought. Like gathering others oppinons on improvements. Taking some word of advice from parents,students, and the community as a whole.
The Schedules. It is not possible to study for 7 classes a night while being expected to be in sports and have a social life all at the same time. We need to go back to something like the block schedule. Doing this will give teachers more prep time for every class as well as enough time to get through a lesson while being able to answer questions properly without being rushed to finish within a certain time period a day.
After graduating from KUSD, I have come to realize that the teachers and administrators were great at their jobs and had prepared me for many of the rigors of working and college, however, the schools need to be remodeled and prepared for a growing population. The schools also need to adjust to the culture of the modern era, dress codes either need to relax or a uniform enforced. Oh, and please for the sake of future generations get better food.
I like this district. It is very competitive as well as caring and giving. They give away awards a lot to boost the confidence of students. During Christmas, they give buckets of goodies and hygiene items away to the kids in need. Overall, I love this district and they help the community instead of taking from them.
Central High School was a terrible high school! The administration was a complete joke and so were many of the teachers. The facilities and resources were mediocre. Overall it was a horrible school and I would never reccommend it.
The Kenosha Unified School District has many opportunities for college preparation. With many of choices for high schools, online, AP and honor classes, I feel like I am prepared for college.
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The teachers are very involved however the curriculum doesn't seem to be followed very well. My experience with KUSD for 12 years was great and I wouldn't change a thing.
It was an over-all good district except for the fact that the bathrooms were always flooded or smelled bad, the food from the day before was used the next day if there had been an excess of it, and most of the teachers never had control of their students so those of us who were interested in listening and learning never really got a chance to unless we had one on one with our teachers after class.
My kids attended public schools in Kenosha School District. They had excellent teachers and were well prepared for college. Both of my children are in college; my son is almost done with his masters degree and my daughter just started her freshman year of college away from home.
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