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Kennewick School District, in my opinion, likes to help their students. They want the best facilities for all grades. They build more schools so that more students can have smaller class sizes for a more one on one interaction with the teacher. Students love to interact with their schools because of the teacher involvement and teh parent involvment. Being at school events is fun because of how much effort the administration or clubs work to make it enjoyable.
Kennewick school district is very supportive of goals. it provides as much as it can to help us improve our knowledge. it's academic opportunities are amazing.
I have always had great teachers and resources to prepare for college. Teachers are very motivated and interested in their students’ futures, and will help those who are struggling. Kennewick School District schools have many different clubs and sports to choose from to get involved in. Many students are able to succeed academically and it is easy to get involved in the community.
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Schools that I’ve went to have been nice always willing to help the students teachers have a positive attitude everyday always seem happy to be there kids are usually pretty nice and friendly
It’s was such a great experience being able to go to school in such a district. One thing that I would change would be for all schools to be a lot less strict on what their students wear. I don’t think what girls or boys wear will ever interfere with anyone’s learning. Everyone should just be focused on them and them only. Besides this I would say Kennewick District is such a positive environment for students.
There are quite a few teachers who make comments that can be very discouraging for students and tey to abuse their power.
As a former student i can really say that the Kennewick school district is a double edged sword. When i was a student i could see how some schools were favored more than others. Yes, some schools has amazing staff and atmospheres but this was not true for some of the schools. I've heard stories from teachers themselves about others schools staff being under preforming and not caring about their job and it seemed that certain schools were filled with these staff members. What I'm trying to say is that the district picks favorites with its schools. Other than picking favorites when it comes to supporting its schools the districts has been making strides in order to compete with other schools. The district has been making strides to improve and has been progressing in the right direction.
I love the school district and have been welcomed all the time! I have always gone to schools in this district and both my parents work for it. It has been a huge part of our lives growing up and we wouldn't want to be at any other district.
I really appreciated the excellent quality of service that the Kennewick School District provide. They have a very caring customer service team that helps answer the many questions that I have. One change that I would like to see is improvement on waiting time on phone calls. I think that the wait time is often a bit too long. I would really like this to be considered by the Kennewick School District.
Not bad. Fairly good selection of classes though I wish some of them were more accessible. There are a few that are offered at only one school so it makes it difficult to take them unless you go to that school.
The kennewick school district has had many opportunities to help the student grow. As a senior, I feel prepared for the future and what’s ahead.
I believe Southridge is a welcoming environment for students to improve their academics, athletics and social experiences. The teachers are great at making a personal connection to the students, which makes it easier to stay focused. Southridge prepares their students for college by offering many Advanced Placement (AP) classes that push them to do their best and expand their knowledge.
The schools themselves had a pretty ok atmosphere. Teachers were either very nice and easy to work with or completely impossible and mean.
Very attentive to the students and very good quality teachers. I enjoyed spending the entirety of my public school career within this school district. Lots of help available to those who need it, and teachers typically really care about the lives of the students. Would recommend to a new family.
I liked how the teachers challenged us to be our best. What I would've changed is a lot of the curriculum. I thought that the teachers were very good but the material wasn't that good. Going into college I felt like I was slightly under prepared and I even took 5 AP classes throughout my high school career. The district puts a huge emphasis on athletics, and being an athlete that was great.
I am pleased with my overall experience with the Kennewick school district. They prepare their students for graduation, workforce and college. The principal and teachers closely monitor the success of each student.
Helped me to plan my schedule in a way that I could graduate on time. I came from a high school in oregon with different standards and three trimesters instead of semesters.
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I love Kennewick School District. They do an amazing job at keeping us safe, making sure we follow the rules, all while still letting us have fun! I would change one thing though if I was in charge. That would be how harsh they are on the girls especially when it’s really hot outside. A lot of girls get sent home even when there outfits arent that bad. Most teachers at my school base the dress code off of what they like and what they dont.
I enjoyed all of my school years in the Kennewick School District. I enjoyed the majority of my teachers. In my years in middle school, it was very run down. However, it is now replaced with a brand new nice school. I believe my education is a good one and will value it and my time there forever.
I like the Music diversity . Lots of different groups, jazz, guitar, band.
I like the scholarships available to low income students that allow all students to participate. I like the no cut tennis program.
I'd like to see music groups in the year book; jazz band.
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