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It was an excellent preparation for college. Grew up in Kennett square, and my family still lives there. Went from kindergarten to 12th grade. Diverse and a great environment to grow.
I had a very good experience at Kennett. The teachers were amazing and very helpful, especially when it came to schoolwork. They did care more than just about school work though, they really care about their students. The academics were great, I really feel like Kennett pushed me to the best of my ability and prepared me for college life. Kennett also enforces a zero-tolerance no bullying policy, which is great. Kennett cares about all of their students and is more than just another school distract. There's a reason why they were listed as one of the best schools.
I liked the feel of togetherness and sense of family.The teachers really care about the students. What I would like to change would be the food. More options would be nice.
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Kennett Consolidated School District is not just any other average school. Kennett is one giant family where everyone looks after each other. Every teacher is dedicated to helping students excel everyday and push them past there limits as each day offers something new to learn.
Kennett Consolidated School District is a very good school, I enjoyed every moment I spent there. I joined this school district when I was in Middle School and now I am finishing High School. I made strong relationships. My teachers are very nice, they helped me a lot with my academic level. There are really good activities and clubs, I joined a few clubs during my High School years and they too bring really good academic achievements. The only thing I would like to see a change on is the food they serve at the cafeteria. Everything else is very good.
Kennett Highschool has provided me with many opportunities to excel in my academics. Kennett has helped me with my journey to go to college.
Great teachers that are not only interested in teaching, but connecting with students in order to create a better learning environment for all students. The community is really great, with a great teacher, student, coach, etc. network.
Ever since I started as a freshman, I can remember telling my family how incredibly diverse and open Kennett Highschool is. We have classes and electives for almost anything you can imagine. There are clubs constantly going on and most of them you do not even have to pay for. I have never had a learning problem throughout all my years of highschool, and I can say it is because the teachers and staff care about you very much. We are all like a giant family. The most important thing that Kennett helps with is your preparation for choosing a college and life path starting your junior year, which is called a graduation project. We guarantee that everyone figures out a plan. If I had to choose something to improve, it would be the amount of art classes and how much they put into the classes, because there are so many students who take art for their future career choice.
I liked how the school district and faculty empowered students in order to achieve the academic success the students desired.
What I like about my district and specifically my high school is that everyone there so respectful. Everyone shows an act of kindness to another and that makes you feel like your a home. I consider the Kennett Consolidated School District my family because that's how they made my feel.
KCSD is a great school district. Their anti-bullying measures are superior. Academics are excellent with several AP classes and many honors classes as well as classes for those students who need a little extra help. The middle school and high school buildings are new.
Well, to begin I would strongly advise you visit the school, but to start off out of all the school districts surrounding Kennett... Kennett has some of the highest test scores and graduation rates. I begin school in Kennett my freshman year and the things i've learned have pushed me closer to school in college. Kennett's education and teacher involvement has a big peace in how well the students excel.
I thought the school experience was great. I had to work hard to earn my grades and were not just awarded to me. There were many opportunities for me academically and with extra curricular activities. But there were some teachers who were not helpful. Also, finding help could be challenging but can be done.
Kennett Consolidated school District is one of the Best districts around in my opinion. I attend Kennett High school, currently a Senior and I play football and run track in the winter and spring. This school has made me feel so at home because every class room that I walk into I don't worry about what my teachers are going to be like or what the students will think of me because everyone is really nice, thanks to the way kennett middle school has shaped us to be. I love the sports team because the coaching staff is always easy to work with, they will check your grades with you and if I'm every struggling in a class or a subject they find the help I need to improve my performance in the classroom. Because The coaches know that academics comes before sports.
I had an amazing 4 years at Kennett High School. I am lucky enough that my school had as many opportunities as it did for me to get involved. I kept myself busy by being in many school-sponsored clubs and sports, all which added immensely to my high school experience. I also had many amazing teachers along the way, learning a lot of valuable information. Overall, Kennett High was a great school for me and I enjoyed my time there.
There is a lot that I enjoy about going to Kennett High School. I like how helpful all the teachers are and how they always spend extra time to help you with any questions you may have. Another thing I like is how nice all the faculty members are and that they make you like learning and enjoy going too school. Although there are a lot of positives there are some things I wish could be changed. One thing I wished could be changed is the food quality because I feel that if I'm paying 3.00 dollars a day I should get something like McDonalds or Chick Fil A. The last thing I would change is the disciplinary actions for having headphones. I believe that the faculty should take them away and you can get them at the end of the day instead of getting a 1 hour after school detention. Those are the things I like and things I would change if I could.
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