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Kennedale Independent School District Reviews

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What I liked about Kennedales school district was the way they had so many organizations. Willing to give students a second chance to correct grades if need be. The one thing that I believe they should fix is the way they organise things. Also if you have a family issue, they are there, but they are always trying to fix things.
I was Kennedale ISD born and raised. From my Kindergarten teacher Ms. Means up to my tennis coach/freshman English teacher, Rhonda Jackson. Kennedale has helped me so much to grow in more ways than one. I established relationships with peers and teachers and I've learned things that I probably would not learn in any other districts.
It was pretty good. I had transfered from Mansfield isd which was a much larger school district. Moving here with Kennedale being much smaller was actually pretty nice. Teachers could concentrate on you more with smaller classes and graduation only took about an hour.
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The teachers and staff have a close relationship with the students. It is a great support system . The administration goes above and beyond for the students. The diversity of the clubs and organizations on campus meets the needs of students who are interested in a variety of things.
I enjoyed how no matter what everyone always was with each other. Also the extra curricular programs are magnificent as well as the classes.
Kennedale High School has an almost completely new set of administrators, as a 13 year senior, I have been in this district for a very long time, and to see everything change so much my last year is sad. I believe that things will eventually turn out for the best, but this last year has been a mess.
What I would like to see change is the ways some teacher teach. Simply force students to memorize random things without telling them what its useful for in the future then only to have them regurgitate it on a test. After that test, the information is lost forever
Kennedale high school seems to put its' sports programs, particularly football ahead of academics. I would like to see a wider range of classes offered. The teachers do a good job with what they have to work with, but seem to lack backing from administration on discipline issues.
I went to KISD from kindergarten to my sophomore year of High School. While it was a nice experience, the district seems to be more interested in dress code than the students education.
Kennedale is a very good school. Although it is small it has been good to know everyone in your grade. The teachers are very attentive to the students' needs and teach the subject very well. It has many clubs and the band program is top notch. Although the academics aren't all that encompassing, they excel in what they do teach. The facilities are very good for a Texas 4A school.
My experience at Kennedale High School was not special. An ordinary school, but the academics were not great in my opinion. Only few teachers actually knew how to teach and communicate with their students.
I like most things about Kennedale ISD, but there are some things that I would like to be different. The biggest thing that I wish was different is that I wish that we had more options for things like foreign language classes, as all KISD offers is Spanish.
the teachers are great, the band department is very fun and parents are very involved in Kennedale. kids are competitive but also very helpful to each other to help each other succeed.
Our experience with Kennedale ISD has been amazing! My son moved from a private parochial school to KISD and the overall experience has been great! He is more involved in school activities. Has many more options for development and the teachers are very connected!
Kennedale ISD is overall very good, if not great. Some people only view it from the negative side of the media. This school district is only getting better. There are some improvements needed as far as upgrading buildings and other stuff to keep up with all the other big schools in the state, but it's obvious. The teachers truly care about the students' education. You can make really good relationships with everyone.
I'm a student at this school and this is my third year here. The school doesn't really listen to the students opinion, they just do what they think is best, even if it isn't. The food is undercooked and not healthy for the students. When we go off for lunch and come back we have to go through the front of the building just to get in. I believe all of these can be improved to benefit the students and the school overall.
I would like to see teachers that actually teach and care more. I would also like to see rules implemented.
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I love the teachers but overall I would love to see a huge change in classes, options and just how they run everything!
Kennedale ISD is a very good school. The academic program is great. The teachers really take time and help the students. The athletic programs are great also. Kennedale is a school that is recommended if you are looking for a good school in Teaxs for your chilfren
Kennedale is the perfect small town school. It's teachers are very knowledgeable about their subjects and are friendly and personable. This school is also competitive athletically and the programs teach not only their sports, but also life lessons.
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