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Kenmore-Tonawanda Union Free School District Reviews

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Having moved from Haiti at age 8, I attended Benfranklin elementary school, the teachers have impacted me significantly throughout elementary school. I was provided with ESL and I quickly made friends. I will never forget my teachers. It took me until fifth grade to learn English well enough to speak confidently. I learned to play soccer because of that school and the modified coaches. Now I am an all western New York player and a top goal score for soccer. the district has been shaping who I am. In high school my soccer coach has been like a father figure for me, he has always been there, from emotional needs, to motivation on the field. I’ve been athletically gifted, and many people have been helping me to fine tune my craft.
There are very few things I would change about the district. Ken-Ton has been nothing but supportive in terms of following my dreams, utilizing my creativity, and allowing me to be who I wanted to be in a successful way. The students are held very highly and rarely are decisions made without getting a general feel from students and faculty rather than just administrators. Not to mention the dedication of both faculty and administration in making sure we feel safe, successful, and important. This district doesn’t ever make you feel like you’re just a number. People take the time to know your name and the story that goes along with it.
I have enjoyed my time within this district since they give you so many opportunities compared to others, including off campus experience and many different courses to help you prepare for college. The only disadvantage was that the students feel very separated from eachother because of our different programs so how they handle the placement of classes should be more similar throughout these programs instead, but still keep the differences since each program is special and meant to help each student in a very different way for their future to the others.
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The Kennorr school district tries to cater to every student, faculty and family need but, some schools fail to communicate properly with students and families for events which is frustrating at times.
I enjoy the opportunities I am given in this district but wish to see more student led initiatives. I appreciate that most teachers help whenever possible.
Ken-Ton overall is a great school district however as the years have been passing it seems there are more and more problems beginning to arise. I am in IB and a lot of my teachers seem to be used to honors and AP classes where they don't have to do much however with IB you need just as much effort from the teachers as the students so this makes things frustrating sometimes. Also some of the teachers are just not qualified to be teaching those classes, simple as that. Also there are some schools that prioritize sports over music and it's quite evident. Besides this I feel like Kenton is a great place to be
I have attended schools in the Kenmore-Tonawanda Union Free School District, and I have never come across a single problem with the district. The District had always made sure that education is one of the most important things in a child's life. I have attended Catholic Schools my whole life, and the atmosphere in each of my schools were diverse, safe, and kept clean. I've always felt extremely prepared for the next step of my education, whether it be high school or college. All my teachers, past or present, have made the learning experience more fun than it probably even should be. I would hope to see a bit more spirit when it comes to sporting events at the schools. I'm extremely lucky to have been educated in the Ken-Ton School District.
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