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Kendall Central School District Reviews

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Kendall over all is a great school. It is full of wonderful people who do really care for you. One thing that could possibly be changed is preparing students for the life after high school.
The teachers and staff are very supportive and wiling to work with you. However, there are a lot of double standards among students.
Kendall is represented by it's small but large at heart community. Kendall is a great school to attend for students who prefer the one-on-one with a teacher and for individuals who prefer a small classroom setting. A school like Kendall is hard to come by because of how caring and accepting everyone is in the community. The teachers at Kendall could be described as caring and determined individuals, all staff cares deeply about the students and are always willing to take extra time out of their day to work with students. Kendall is an excellent school to attend and I'm personally honored to graduate from a place such as Kendall.
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Kendall is a wonderful place to be. Everyone is supportive of one another, and everyone is comfortable in the school atmosphere.
Loved the teachers and the environment throughout the entire school! I would change the way college programs are pushed for the students. I took enough college credit courses in high school that allowed me to graduate undergrad a year early. It did save money, but I had so many credits that some were not used. I also think the 4 year experience is very important.
I like the Kendall School District because it is small. Students are able to get the extra help and attention they need instead of being just another number in the classroom. I like that students seem to get along across all grades and teachers know students by name. Many parents are alumni and volunteer to help out with many events. There is always room for improvement, but overall I think it's a pretty cool school district.
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