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Kemper County School District Reviews

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I love the Kemper county school district but there is always room for improvements. The learning atmosphere is so basic it need to be more challenging. We also need more experienced teachers.
Its was a ok school do not have the resource that most other schools has. They also focus more on passing rather than learning which will hinder you in the long run.
I love y principal and how hard she works for us. I do not like unprepared some things are handled at times. The food is terrible, also. Other than that, KCSD is fine.
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Kemper county school is a small school so teachers have the chance for a more one on one with the children. And they are available to talk to parents
My experience at Kemper County High School was very special, and some of the memories that were made were priceless. I must say that we have a strong athletic program and some very respectable teachers.
As I went through my high school years at Kemper County High, I experienced an entire new world from what I had in elementary. I was a part of a number people who were predicted to be nothing, but the class 2015 proved them wrong an death and every year we're progressively coming along as a school. Kemper County is such a small yet degraded place, and we as students have and are still making a difference. Kemper has great teachers and students. The school district is just in need of a new leader to actively progress our school system as a whole. In high school, our teachers strived to help us and push us towards success as I'm sure they are still doing. I know I come from a small unknown place where everything around us is negativity, but we are being that change. The only thing that should change in our schools is leadership.
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