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Kemp isn't a bad school. It's a small school which allows the student to know their teachers and staff more which could be more helpful. The teachers are nice and helpful. The people are nice. Overall it's been a good kemp experience.
College readiness needs improvement. Counselors need improvement on helping students for college. And Homecoming needs to be every year...not every 4 years!!
I just graduated from Kemp, and I have been enrolled there my entire school career so there isn't another district I can compare them to experience wise. But from my experience there I do have to say was memorable. I was an exceptionally good student, and never got in trouble so I don't necessarily have any bad experiences. But one thing I wish would change is the amount of freedom we have, yes, we don't have uniforms or security like some schools out there, but Kemp can be very strict. For example hair color, or facial hair, that is apparently distracting. But I honestly don't think it keeps students from learning. It was a high school though, so they did the best they could in my opinion.
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I loved the culture and the sense of family with in the school district but there are some rules that are in place that are very unnecessary
I am a student at Kemp High school in Kemp, TX. It is not a bad school but there are definitely things I would want changed. The curriculum is not designed to learn. The courses provided aren't really college-ready.
The staff needs to improve majorly. The poor education that is taught is unacceptable and the fact that students are legally obligated to come to school is laughable.
This is a small-town school with a tight-knit community that cares about its kids. It is small enough that you see many familiar faces but not so small that everyone knows everyone. The school board is responsive to the community, and with the exception of one principal, the administration is top-notch. Drugs are at a minimum, and the kids are generally well-behaved.
I attend Kemp High School, And it is a better than average learning environment for students containing a good mix and choice of classes
It had its ups and downs, but overall it was a good school district. The teachers care about their students, the cafeteria food is getting better, but the classes are getting larger, so the students are getting restless.
It was a good school, the teachers cared and because it was so small it was easy to get assistance and one on one help.
Kemp Independent School district is a nice little town school, where everyone knows your name and every teacher knows you. It is very fun and easy to make friends. The school was nominated for and received the reward for best test scores, beating out Mabank and Kaufman.
Something that I really like about Kemp high school was the sports program. I really like the sports program because we have coaches that really help us meet our goal and become a better athlete. Something that I dislike about the school is the food. The food is really nasty and sometimes it is not even cooked all the way.
I like how the teachers work with you in order to help you with your grades. Another thing I like about the district is that it has many opportunities for everyone to be involved in things. One thing I don't like about it is the food. I think the food could be better, and sometimes the food isn't cooked all the way.
Was a small school when I attended. Have recently built a new high school. Great academics when I attended.
In my high school I like the fact that they strive to give us the best education. They do their best to make our campus as safe as possible. Plus the administrators actually care about our opinions and let the students have a say.
I have been in this district since Kindergarten and I have enjoyed it so much. As I went through each school, I found that each teacher is passionate about what they do and they work hard to give each child the education they need. There is an increasing number of students moving to our district which is so great because Kemp has a lot to offer. Each student is passionate about their education, sports, clubs and organization. Our standardized test scores have gone up because of my senior class. Our class has brought a lot to the table and has put Kemp back on the map. Our football team has also been improving and so have our Fine Arts programs. The community is truly the best you can be in. We have a fairly small town and everyone knows each other which is so comforting and safe. Kemp schools are continuing to improve each year and that's because of our teachers and staff.
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