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Most of the teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. I do wish they would offer more stem courses and clubs, especially a robotics club.
At Kelso School District, all of the teachers are absolutely lovely and dedicated to teaching the kids as well as they can. However, some of the staff members who have higher authority, such as principals and those on the school board are incredibly difficult to work with and do not wish to help your child accel--in fact, they will often hold them back, usually because they do not want any kid doing something that is different.
I like the teachers and how they helped when needed. I liked how the school had access to many rooms with different resources. I liked the creativity that the school used in order to teach the students. I liked the meetings in the auditorium and how they made everyone excited for the games.
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I love the community and heart the school has in the fall sports season! People are nice and teachers are great!
I like the teachers from Kelso high school but the principal is too focus on the image of the school and doesn’t focus on the extracurricular activities for the students
Kelso High school is definitely one of the best high schools I've been to. The school itself is very nice, new and clean. There is a very heavy emphasis put on sports; specifically football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling. Though the school offers many other sports, there is little attention placed on them by either the students or the faculty. Academic opportunity is good, but not great, a lot of the AP classes were cut while I was enrolled because of supposed budget cuts, though in the same year we got nine brand new 72" flatscreens all over the school.
The people there are very helpful and nice, they are throughly peppy and cheerful. I love the effort all the students and teachers put through to the everyone to make there high school experience so much better. I enjoy all school activities and extra curricular engagement. Even if the food is slightly mediocre, I'd still eat it. I'm not really here to just make up lies about my school for the 1k, I legitimately enjoy my time spent here at KHS and will be looking for a full 2 more plentiful years spent.
I love Kelso School District because of the kind staff and people who genuinely want you to learn. I have yet to meet a teacher who did not want me to succeed. As an already determined student, teachers would help me achieve my goals as fast as I was making them.
this is an ok school district, some schools have a higher income that others so they tend to be prized more than the lower income. The teachers are really good there but most of them do tend to play favorites. If you have a learning disability then good luck because then you will have teachers that wont help because it incognizance's them or you will have teachers that treat you like an idiot
Great School overall.
Most of my family has gone here over the years. Go Kelso!!!!! We love the Highlanders team spirit and moral.
This is a terrible district. They strongly favor sports, and ignore every other part of their schools. I've lived in Kelso for almost 18 years, and none of the schools have done anything worthwhile for me, or anyone I know.
I went to Mark Morris High School my freshman year where I was miserable. I transferred to Kelso High School which was the best decison I've ever made. All the teachers are extremely supportive and the people are much nicer. The diversity and involvement of the students at Kelso are much better than any other schools. They make sure to include everyone in the community & at the school. They have something for everyone.
I lived in Kelso my whole life and I loved all the schools that I went to. I went to Catlin, Huntington, then ending with Kelso High. I have so many great memories. I've enjoyed how all the teacher really cared about our learning and success throughout my time there. And I enjoyed all the school spirit there was, especially in high school. I honestly would not change my school experience in Kelso for anything.
Kelso High School is by far the best school in Cowlitz County, WA. Focusing on 100% graduation every year, the teachers and administrators of Kelso High School have only the students' best interest in mind. Whether it is a teacher staying late to help a student understand a concept, or the counseling department doing whatever they can to assist a student, this school's focus is and always will be the student.
My experience with the Kelso School District has been quite enjoyable. From the dedication of teachers and coaches, to the opportunities they offer pertaining to clubs and after school activities, you could say I've been pretty occupied these last 4 years. As a senior in high school I feel I am surrounded with support from all corners of my life, including this school.
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