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Kelseyville Unified School District Reviews

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My experience with Kelseyville has been well. What i would like to see change is the teaching and the teachers. Most of the teachers do not takes their time on teaching the chapters they are on. I honestly really have not learned that much this year as a junior.
Kelseyville Unified School District is dedicated to advancement and innovation. Two years ago, the Kelseyville High School distributed free Chromebooks to all its student body to help those who could never afford a laptop due to family/economical situations, as well as acclimate young students to a rapidly evolving world of technology. However, shop classes were not ignored in the excitement for this new tech and the newfangled Computer Science classes. I am proud to say that this school is one of few in the entire county which still offers quality shop classes. The art department is another that is not neglected (unlike most schools/districts), with passionate teachers nurturing all artistic aspirations. Other teachers, however, may not excel as well in their respective subjects, but there are a few who make up for the lackluster ones and greatly inspire students.
The best part about Kelseyville high school is the K-CORPS program, its a 2 year search and rescue class.
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My son's like the schools. Kids are nice, friendly, and respectful. The district as a whole needs better communication.
The experience at Kelseyville high is like the average high school that’s on a budget. I honestly expected more from the teachers, I hope college professors are more straightforward, value the students, and put more time in effort into their jobs.
I would like to see a new staff and i would like to see new programs and advanced classes. I would like to see more opportunities for selective classes like ceramics or an additional health class.
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