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Kellogg Joint School District Reviews

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Kellogg school districts teachers and staff are over whelmed and dont have the time to help students when they need it. In addition to that the amount of violance, bullying, and over poor behavior in the Kellogg school district is unacceptable.
My son has been attending Silver Valley Co-ops Preschool in Kellogg for the last 2 years, they have done wonders for him. My son is autistic and had virtually no vocabulary when he first started. Now, he can form so many words and sentences, it just astounds me what they have done for him. The teachers are amazing and have included us in this process every step of the way. My son will be entering Kindergarten this fall and I know he will get the best education I could ever ask for. Kellogg School District is AMAZING!! I always thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping my little boy.
Administration is terrible with children but other than that it's what you would expect from a small town school
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I loved most classes and all the teachers. The only reason it didn't get all stars, is because the principle for my last two years there had singled me and my cousin out in school. For disagreements we had off school grounds. So even though I didn't do anything wrong, he still lashed out at me in school. And I couldn't do anything about it. I'd even gone with my aunt, to the superintendent who did nothing.
I've been to multiple schools in my lifetime, but Kellogg High School is the first and only high school I've been too, and it's been one of the worst in my opinion. The diversity is none, the authority is demanding and oppressive, and their academics are definitely not top notch. The district completely replaced their high school math department between my sophomore and junior year because of inadequate educators and teachers finding better jobs at different schools, for example.
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