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The school lunch is disgusting recently maggots were found in the food, the dress code is enforced too strongly . Teachers don't teach anymore we are assigned papers and left to do them alone .
I enjoyed the recent induction of KCAL. It allowed for more in depth learning primarily project based. However, much of the school culture seems forced.
I am a junior at Fossil Ridge High school and as a junior I like that I have many resources. I have availability to a wide variety of diversity, classes, and extra curricular activities. I am able to take veterinary classes that will benefit my future.
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Our school district is awesome. They offer so many different activities that everyone can be included in something.
Keller ISD has given me many opportunities but I have had to overcome many bumps in the way due to faculty and administration mistakes.
I loved the school district I grew up in. Of course nothing can be perfect, but my school district sure was close. Living so close to all of the schools I attended, my pubic school experience couldn't get better.
I would love to see someone competent run this community. There are so much that I would love to see changed. Fine Arts definitely needs more funding, and the food the students eat are actual garbage.
The Keller school district provided very good opportunities for its students whether it be with sports or academic fields. They're main goal is for you to succeed and be ready to leap into the future and accomplish the goals that you set out. I don't know what kind of person or student I'd be if not for the Keller School District.
A school district where one school receives all of the funding while the rest of the schools are not given the same opportunities.
They offer a lot of courses that bring new opportunities to us, as well as create a very competitive environment so that many students strive to be better.
I would believe that the only downside is that the administration (excluding counselors), never seem like they truly care unless they're face to face with a parent.
Growing up within the KISD school district was incredibly challenging, but it proved to be very rewarding. The skills I have learned within the district have prepared me to enter college life well prepared for rigorous courses. I have them to thank for pushing me to the brink and making me unveil my true potential as a student.
What I like about the Keller School district is that the feeling of Safety is paramount across the campuses. This allows for more student involvement without the fear of violence or minor crimes nearby. The District continually tries to push students forward in their academics or extra-curricular activities, which spreads into most facets of a student's life. Students that have graduated also are more prepared for their next stage in life.
I really enjoyed my time at Fossil Ridge. It was a good school with many kind teachers, though I did hear others complain about teachers I didn't have.
Keller is overall a good district and I would recommend prospective parents to put their child through the system, but no district is perfect. While there are some flaws in KISD, there is a caring environment here and kids are in good hands.
It is A great school district with great sports, teachers somewhat care but they’re pretty bad. I’ve been in Keller Isd my whole life and the district itself is great and there is a lot of school culture. I love this district I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is willing to put their kid into the system.
Some things about this district are dumb. The rules, dress code, etc... But there is also a lot of good stuff about this district too. The location is awesome and the people are the best. Some of the teachers, however, definitely should not be teaching.
Truly, I love the leadership that Keller ISD placed in my high school, Fossil Ridge. Mr. Hadley, the principal of Fossil Ridge, is truly one of a kind. He cares about his school in a way that I’ve never seen a principal do before. He would go out of his way to water the plants on display in the front of the school, reward students for accomplished goals, and to even pick up trash outside on the lawns. Him, along with every other member of the staff, are what made my experience in Keller ISD an incredible one.
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The Keller independent school district was great for the most part. There is so much to say about a school district that I have been a part of for twelve years. It has its downfalls like most schools, including cafeteria food and the occasional teacher who may have chosen the wrong profession. That being said the school district has successfully grown with its students and technology. Having dealt with many teachers from the district I am happy to say I have had more positive than negative experiences. As time goes on the district seems to bring on more success with new programs, like the CNA, Vet. Tech. and Pharm. Tech. program.
The resources are top notch.
There needs to be more rigor and structure. It has been become more laid back. Teachers, students, admin and parents all seem to be doing less.
I love the atmosphere of Keller, its schools, and the overall societal environment. I have always felt safe, whether at school, church, or walking around the town. I would love to see Keller become even more accepting of differences, and become more open minded.
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