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My experience at Keene Independent School District has been great. The district is totally diverse and the students are exposed to many different cultures. We even had a culture week this month! The teachers are very supportive and want all of their students to succeed. Our school is small so the teachers all get to know the students pretty well. The Keene community is very tight-knit. Whenever we have a big game or an event people from the community never fail to show up. We have support from many people and it’s the best feeling in the world especially for athletes. I have never felt unsafe in school which is a big thing nowadays. We are one of the only schools in Texas that have armed staff. My experience at Keene High School has been one of the best and I am thankful that I had such a great high school experience.
I transfer to Keene High on my senior year, it was kind of hard for me because I was used to my old school and my friends. But it's always good for a change and I feel like the change was for good.
Keene High School is a small school in a low-income area. However, the school is growing and so are the opportunities. The benefits of this are the close teacher to student interaction. There is a strong emphasis on sports, but increasingly there is a drive to improve academics, college readiness, and professional development.
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The academics at Keene High School are one of the main focuses and i believe it has lead me to the greatest path for my future. Not only is the school its self helpful, but the student body of the school is very supportive and accepting of everyone. At this school we have many academic clubs and business clubs that allow the students to get involved in something that we benefit them in the future career world. I would highly recommend Keene High School for anyone who is wanting the best education for their future and an amazing student body.
I love the teachers I had. They always made time to help you when you really needed it. They helped us the best they could and they’re always there no matter what. I couldn’t think of a better school then Keene high school. It is an amazing school that not a lot of people have the opportunity to go to. It has been an amazing experience for me. There’s no bullying really, everyone treats each other like family, the teachers are amazing, and there are so many great opportunities that you can have when you go to Keene. It is an amazing school to go to and everyone who goes there will always have a family at Keene no matter what.
Keene Independent school district consists of the most down to earth students and faculty that you could ever meet. I moved to this school at the very end of my sophomore year and they welcomed me in as family not as the enemy like most high schools I've been in have been like. They are by your side through thick and thin and no matter what we always stay close to motivate each other for success. The academics are inventive to keep the students drawn to the subject rather than receiving lectures where many would fall asleep or doze off. Keene cares about their students as if they were their own children and I am proud to be a part of Keene ISD.
My experience in Keene have been great! I have been their all my life. I always loved it, the faculties have always made me safe an motivated me to learn more an to help other kids who needed it.
I have been in the Keene Independent School District since day one. All my siblings and some of my older relatives have attended the district. And I could tell you it is very diverse, in a way that the school is heavily involved in. My marshallese ethnicity (Native/Pacific Islander) is very essential to me and an estimate of about 1-2% of the staff it. My District lets the marshallese community do a couple traditions of our culture be exposed, in a way. Sometimes we are able to hula, which is a huge part of our culture, in events like pep rallies or important meetings within the staff. But not only are we diverse-involved, the District is building towards out future. The District has recently decided to build a baseball field for our new baseball-softball program, that was incorporated into the high school athletics system three years ago. We could fix the food system. Although it is very healthy at times, I feel I cannot bear, along with other students, to eat the meal of the day.
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